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In the country’s digital age, almost everyone can access the internet to search for anything that they might be looking for. If users can’t find your website because you don’t have one, or are disappointed by the lack of information in your site, then that is a huge problem. A brand or company’s online presence is a necessity for any industry - that is why the creation of a useful and aesthetically appealing website is a must-have for any company or business. This is why you’ll need web design in the Philippines.

Our web development and design package makes sure that your website can be seen on the internet through our web hosting, the information it contains is complete and useful, the design of the website is in accordance with your brand’s image, and much more.

The package enables you to have a website that will please your visitors, and be ahead of your competitors in the online industry. We highly recommend this package to all of our clients.

Web Development

Our services for web development in the Philippines are specifically catered to companies that are in need of a new website or a major revamp. From systems that help in SEO, personalization of the website, to the protection of your website, we got you covered.

For a website to rank, it needs to be developed as SEO-ready as it could possibly be. Aside from usefulness, the user experience is also held important by search engines so, if you have a website that is lacking in numerous aspects, it will also affect your visibility in the search engines. Our web development services include a major system that is primarily for helpful (Wordpress CMS), and we optimize your website for the mobile platform - which is an important feature for Google and other search engines.

  • Web Hosting (1GB for 1 Year)
  • Installation of WordPress CMS
  • Theme Development
  • Custom Codes
  • Mobile Optimized Theme
  • Plugin and Security Integration

Web Design

Our team of web designers works hard to design a website in accordance with YOUR brand’s colors, image, and anything you might want the website to look. We customize the website to suit your taste, and if anything needs some revisions - we’re on it.

It is also commonly known that your website’s design also has an effect on your rankings. Your web design not only affects your rankings but also its overall appeal to your visitors. If you have a high rank, but your website’s aesthetics is below-average, then your conversion rate will also suffer. Our services make sure that your website’s design is trendy, appealing, and is up to your standards.

  • Company Customized Theme
  • Minor Process Revisions
  • Major Process Revisions
  • Banner Designs
  • Minor Photo Editing with Graphic Design

Note: The number of revisions and photo editing requests that can be addressed is limited and will be determined upon finalizing the service agreement.

Security and Support

We assure you that your website is safe from hackers and viruses. Our team of developers optimizes your website - almost to the point of impenetrability. Also, if there are some errors on the website, we’re always ready because we backup your site every time changes are made.

Since the internet is open to all, your website is susceptible to threats, and we’re the ones that protect it. With our active framework support, whatever website error that might occur, we’ll immediately fix it. Additionally, the security protocols that we integrate into your website is top-notch, and we actively update it to make sure that you can avoid any malicious threats that might target you.

  • Active Framework Support
  • Backup and Security

Some of the brands we have worked with

  • Juan Carlo
  • The Generics Pharmacy
  • Toyota
  • Tablas Point
  • Qeryz


  • Per Website (Informational)
  • One Time Fee (Tax-Exclusive)

Note: The price quoted above and the waived Monthly Maintenance Fee of PHP 10,000.00 is applicable only if this offer is bundled together with the SEO Package.


  • Per Website (E-Commerce)
  • One Time Fee (Tax-Exclusive)

Note: The price quoted above and the waived Monthly Maintenance Fee of PHP 10,000.00 is applicable only if this offer is bundled together with the SEO Package.

Happy Clients

Carlos Melad

"Excellent advisor on SEO, clear explanations and unambigious to deal with. Gave very a fair assesment on our needs and requirements. A must-partnership for businesses who wish to have their business and brand known."

Carlos Melad

Colin Chan

"Prompt, pleasant and professional. SEO Hacker knows their stuff and precise in recommending solutions. Really refreshing to be working with such transparency as well since SEO Hacker gives regular updates and feedback. Replies really fast as well. :) Aside from the impeccable product, it's the servicing that makes you want to continue working with them! "

Colin Craig Chan

Liv Escartin

"Sean Si was able to present a lot of valuable insights to our company's Marketing and Corporate Communications Group. He presents with clear outline, facts and transparency that we don't normally get from others. Thankful to have such a go-to-team around for SEO matters. More power to SEO Hacker Team!"

Liv Escartin

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