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    Thanks for the share, I just downloaded the tools and it is busy scanning my URL’s, and let me tell you, there are thousands of broken links.

    Now, it will be all great and stuff to have this list, but how exactly would you go by deleting or fixing them? Surely you don’t want to have to go and delete or fix each one individually especially if there are thousands?

    I have the Broken Link Checker plugin for WordPress installed as well, but most of my broken links are in the CommentLuv comments, and Broken Link Checker doesn’t pick those up…

    I hope there is a way to remove these links other than with Google Webmaster Tools.

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      Hey Ruan,
      As of now there’s no other way than to redirect them (if there are multiple exactly-the-same-links that point to a broken website) or delete them. SEO has a lot of manual labor that you have to put up with. Life’s like that :)

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        So now you found that huge list in Xenu. But where do you actually go to delete them? Especially if they are from comments in the CommentLuv comments?

        Do you need to go to your comments in your dashboard and then go through each and every comment and check the links by manually opening them up and see if the present any error pages?

  2. Daniel Evans says

    Xenu is very good, I just wish it wouldn’t ask you if you want a report every time you run it, the format of the report is horrible, far better to export a spreadsheet of the results.

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