3 Huge Benefits of having a Blog


As a designer you must treasure three things at most: Credibility, Clients and Cash.

While a lot of methods can be done to help boost these factors such as Media Advertisements, Online Portfolio, Attending Social Gatherings, one of the most effective and inexpensive proven way is to create a blog. Creating a blog not only is efficient in providing you more exposure to a broad range of client by means of the internet, it is also cost-effective since the cost that you are going to pay is more or less $35/year. If done right, you can be getting about at the very least, 100 possible prospects a day. That’s a pretty cheap deal for $35 a year don’t you think?

It is actually perplexing as to why a lot of freelance designers choose to overlook this opportunity as it can offer so much. While your portfolios present your works in a very impressive light, what good is it if you are never found? Let’s face it, sometimes companies don’t go for word of mouth, instead they go to Google to find a good designer.

You may have just lost one of your best clients because of lack in internet presence.

Given some of the ideas that I have pointed out, if you are still not convinced I’ll give another three points in detail on why making a blog for career will be a win-win action for you:

1: Instant Marketing and Publicity

On AirWhen you create a blog post, you make sure you write something about you and/or your work. After all, its focus is to showcase you: who you are, what you are, and how you are as a designer. Your work should be visible, from the design of your blog, to images in your content. Almost everything should speak YOU.

Now as people read, they learn about your work, your life and/or your interest (depending on your chosen theme). You are on-air as long as your website is up. For about 10 to 30 minutes a day depending on how much effort you place, you are to impart something different to your readers, it might be knowledge or entertainment but as long as they get something, they finish your article with you leaving a mark in them at that moment. And that’s what’s important, ’cause when you do, you just got yourself a tribe.

Every person is sure to have friends, sure to have online social networks and social circles to boot. Use this to your advantage. It is highly recommended that you place certain plugins that instantly inserts network sharing in all your posts as it can do a lot of exponential advertisement to your blog if shared. As an example, my twitter followers amount to about 100, while in Facebook I have 570 friends. Now imagine if I share one of your articles through twitter, you have more or less around 100 prospects already which, in turn, may re-share again and give you another number of prospects.

Think about it this way, while in a static portfolio, you work hard in making collateral, promoting yourself and socializing in an exerted effort trying your best to share your works.

In a blog, people share it for you.

A few tips as you jump start your way into blogging:


You should make a promise to yourself that starting from here on you are to write three to four times a week at least – either a post in your blog or guest blogging on another same-niche blog. That “publish” button will not go un-pressed every two days.

Be organized and simple

In terms of categorizing your articles, try to have as few categories as possible yet as specific to your reader’s interest. This will help you in making sure you have fewer things to do in preparing to publish it, while the readers get a more specific feed on which matter they want to read on.

Always post an image with your work.

Not only does it make your blog entry more enticing, it also helps them get a good impression of you as a designer. Always keep in mind that a picture can speak volumes to your average reader.


Do not make your blog a responsibility and burden — Never. Find good things to help you keep enthusiastic about it. Blogging should be a hobby you enjoy. Collaborate with your friends, ask for ideas, search other blogs for topics, ask around, look outside, read books, be creative! There are a lot of blog post ideas out there. The world of blogging is so big for you to stop with the force of responsibility.

2: Increase in Search Ranking

Improve search rankingCompared to a static portfolio, a blog counterpart is much friendlier to search engines because of the fresh content it offers once in a while. The friendlier you are, the better chances of you being searched for. And in case you haven’t thought about it, your blog can also include your portfolio which can be easily update-able rather than tinkering with your .html code just to insert another work. This link will teach you how to make your blog design optimized for search engines.

By blogging you gain benefits:

  • You gain more indexed pages in search engines with a broader keyword range.
  • You have a better keyword focus for your clients
  • You always have the advantage of fresh content that will be in front in searching
  • A more SEO optimized site for your portfolio

3: You gain additional income

Extra incomeNotice how every successful blog always has an advertisement in its sidebars. If you have enjoyed the popularity lane of success, chances are you will want to monetize that traffic. And if you are still asking “how?” Well, place some ads on your blog!

Some of the successful people in the blogging industry choose to have additional income by placing some ads beside their website.  In some cases their website becomes a marketing tool for other companies because of market specifics they cover. Other companies don’t like to make blogs for the heck of it, so in turn, they use other bloggers to market their services or product, and guess what? They pay for it!

For other online ad-companies, a mere browse through (AKA ‘impression’) is enough to add to your piggybank, for others, you need clicks and to some, you need sales. But whichever the case is, you are earning passively for writing about things you love.

Some freelancers became full time bloggers just because their writing is enough to earn them a living and perhaps even more. Have you ever tried to tap the writer within you? You’ll never know until you’ve never tried. A man both proficient with words and with visuals is a person to reckon with.

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  • +1 pa. Gain more online friends that will eventually become your real life friends. :)

    PS: Napadaan lng. ^_^

    • Haha! That’s true Jehz. I’ve some friends now that came from online contacts :)

  • Nice post — I wonder though … do all businesses really need a blog?

    Seems more often than not, businesses are starting blogs because they’ve read that’s what they should do. Shortly after, it fades away as a ghost blog because they’ve stopped publishing content through it.

    Blogging is a powerful tool, but it also requires dedication from the publisher in order to find success. Activity like this is why people scoff when blogging comes up when bought up in conversation. They think, “yeah, we’ve tried that … didn’t work” or “I’ve heard it’s just a waste of time,” but the truth, in most cases, is the business person wasn’t involved as they needed to be.

    That said, if you’re a plumber in Los Angeles, you’re not going to need to blog in order to help boost traffic to your blog.

    There are certainly exceptions, but I wonder how many businesses actually need a blog to find success? Or, I wonder if that success alters depending on the business owners involvement.

    What do you think?

    • Kevin

      Hey Chris! You have a VERY good point indeed.

      If you think about it, blogs are never a necessity for businesses. It is only another channel for marketing. A business can survive without it, but you can be much more prosperous with it. Blogs are the best way to communicate with one of the largest marketing channel in the present time — the Internet.

      One of the biggest misnomer about blogging is that it’s “just that easy.” “Anyone can do it.” That its just about writing a bunch of information and suddenly, you’re good to publish — wrong. As you have pointed out, it requires dedication from the publishers AND the writers, your keyword “dedication” meaning the said two should abide to the standards of quality control of their project.

      The head of the business blog should also take note that the publishers and writers are not just anyone you can pick around the block. You have to test their skills and know their capability. For the publisher, they should atleast know their responsibility other than pressing the “Publish” button, s/he should also optimize the tags for the articles to help the website gain more searchability. As for the writer, they have to make sure his writing style caters to the their target market.

      The need for a blog to reach success depends upon the company owners definition of success. If their range for their market is limited by the soil they step upon, there is definitely not much need for a blog to attain success as it does not require the long reach of the Internet. But for companies that aim internationally, chances are, yes. Most likely they do.

      Cheers Chris!

  • thanks for the inspiration. i am now lovin being a blogger and designer. :)

  • molly

    I am regular reader, how are you everybody? This post posted at this website is really pleasant.

  • Anon

    The reason I blog is exactly like you say…Content and indexing and I’m enjoying it now

  • You are exactly right. I have 7 different blogs and enjoy working on every one of them. They are a great way to promote my other actual money making sites.

  • I do believe that it’s beneficial to have a blog when promoting oneself, a business or ideas. I decided to start a blog to promote an idea and then it became my hobby and passion. I do agree that an image can speak volumes…especially in food blogging.
    I also agree that it’s good to collaborate with friends, ask for ideas, search other blogs for topics, ask around, look outside, and read books! This helps to stay connected and keep things fresh.

  • Anon

    Blogs are helpful in earning a lot. Online marketing policies works for gaining more publicity and income. Nice post.

  • Jimmy

    I agree with you. I myself have many blogs. I don’t write regularly but soon will start to.

  • Yes it is still a mystery to me, why people still shy away from blogging, I guess they thought it would come and go as another fad. Blogging is a sure fire way to get you more publicity and prospects to catapult you to where you want to be.

    Beth :)

  • Anon

    Great post! I agree with you but I think the problem is that most companies think that having a blog is enough. Apart from making sure that you have great content, you need to know how to market your content effectively. Utilizing the power of social media is a great start.

  • I think more entrepreneurs and even big companies are not only realizing that having a blog is essential, but also that it should be a primary marketing strategy for the business. Putting out great content on a consistent basis and doing some keyword research & on-site SEO will create an insane amount of traffic for such a low price. If you are a company or entrepreneur with a marketing budget, I’d recommend putting some of your marketing budget into a well-managed Google PPC strategy to boost your traffic even more.

    Jay from Eclectic Elite