AccuRanker: In-Depth Review


Accuranker In-Depth Review

An effective SEO campaign requires software that is able to help you track your keywords and websites, and see whether or not they are ranking well in Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs). There will be times that it will be stressful to monitor all of these, especially if you do not have the right tools. You would need a reliable software that would be able to track them on a day-to-day basis, a tool that can display the most recent data to help you make the best decision regarding your SEO. A tool like AccuRanker.

AccuRanker is a widely used software that is able to track your keywords and websites at an instant. Before we go into the review, you can try out Accuranker and you can avail a 14-day free trial to see if it is the right SEO tool for you.

AccuRanker: The SEO Tracker

Accuranker homepage

Before being able to use AccuRanker and track your keywords, you’ll be taken to the homepage. This contains all the things you need to know about the software, along with its main features, and these include:

  • Google Analytics: You can connect your Google Analytics account to your AccuRanker account, which allows you to track all your keywords smoothly, and import some of your keywords as well.
  • Automatic Monitoring: AccuRanker allows you to track all of your keywords on a daily basis, and automatically updates their rankings for you.
  • Automatic Report: There are times that your clients would like to see a progress report of how their SEO rankings are doing. Using AccuRanker would allow you to instantly send a detailed progress report, along with the necessary graphics and charts to enhance the details they need to see.
  • Data Export: If you want to analyze your data even more, you can export your data to different file formats, which would help you get that in-depth look.
  • Agency Specific Monitoring: Our team handles many different clients on a daily basis, which means we track a large number of keywords. With this feature, we are able to track and monitor.
  • Competitor Monitoring: Wondering how your keywords stack up against other keywords and websites? AccuRanker lets you compare your keywords against your competition, which helps see your SEO performance.
  • Share of Voice: This feature allows you to view the top 20 keywords, which allows you to monitor your keywords, and your competitor’s keywords as well.

Now that we have all the features covered, let us take a look at AccuRanker itself and see how it works.

Upon logging in, you immediately see how your keywords are performing in an instant. You are also getting live data, which allows you to see how your keywords and websites are doing. It may look simple at a glance, but you are receiving valuable data that would help you evaluate your SEO campaign.

accuranker dashboard

And that’s where the beauty of AccuRanker lies, in its simplicity. The presentation is well-detailed and organized, helping you view it with relative ease. It is normal to assume that these kinds of data tend to be represented in a crowded fashion in some tools, but AccuRanker does a great job of organizing your data in one place.

When it comes to navigation, the sidebar allows you to go to various sections with no hassle, allowing you to view different kinds of data quickly. Let us navigate each one.

The groups page allows you to move around and separate your keywords and domains as you wish. Some SEO tools do not have this feature, and given the nature of our work, it can be inconvenient. You also have to option to add new groups, which means you would be able to segregate and divide each domain with relative ease.

accuranker groups

On the domains page, you can view all of the sites that you are managing. They have been organized alphabetically, which helps you find the right client quickly. Clicking a domain lets you view each client individually, along with all the data you would like to view.

accuranker domains

The first tab under the domain is the overview, which is a concise version of all the data. This contains charts and graphs that give you an instant look at your performance. This includes your keyword performance and your Google Analytics.

accuranker overview

Next is the keywords page, which shows you how all of the keywords are performing. This tab lists down all of your keywords, and how they are ranking in Google. There are filter options that would let you track specific keywords if you want to see the performance of a certain keyword.

accuranker keywords tag

The third tab is the competitors page, which allows you to see how you are stacking up against other domains. This is an invaluable feature that would help you know if your keywords are getting beaten, or are beating others. This gives you a peek what your competitors are doing, which gives you an idea what are the things you need to do to rank up.

Accuranker competitors

The last two tabs are the Social and Note tabs. The Social tab shows you to see how you are performing in Social Media sites in terms of likes and shares. Social media plays a big part in SEO, and knowing how many people see your content through their sites is really important. The Notes tab is a place where you can leave your inputs and other pieces of information you would like to take down.

Now let us go to the Keywords section on the sidebar, this is similar to the keywords page on the domain. The only difference is in the appearance, and you would be able to go back to the overview tab if you click on a domain.

Accuranker keywords section

The Reports tab allows AccuRanker to send in progress reports to you, along with who and when you would like it to be sent. The reports can be sent in PDF, Excel, and CSV formats, which really come in handy should your client ask for it.

Accuranker reports

The last major feature I would like to show you is the Tiger Icon on the sidebar. The Tiger is basically AccuRanker’s way of showing whether or not there are fluctuations when it comes to your SEO performance. There are four moods, each indicating how Google is doing during the day. It is best to take this into account, as these affect your keyword performance.

accuranker tiger


With all of these features available in one place, AccuRanker is definitely one of the best SEO Tools on the market. The user-friendliness of this tool makes it very reliable and accessible. The ability to navigate each domain and keyword is spot-on and makes going through all the data feel like a breeze.

If you are looking for a great SEO monitoring tool, AccuRanker is a must-have, as it has all the things you need in a convenient package.

Key Takeaway

Through AccuRanker’s reliable database, you can expect that the results are recent, helpful, and comprehensive. As we all know, tracking the performance of our SEO is essential to see if our link building campaign, content writing and publishing, and any other SEO activities are working.

AccuRanker is a great SEO tool and is one tool that can boost your campaign even more. Its simplicity makes it easy to pick-up, and its navigation and organization would really save you a lot of time. An excellent and progressive SEO campaign needs reliable tools, and AccuRanker should be a part of that campaign.

If you have any questions or insights about AccuRanker, or SEO campaigns, leave a comment below and let’s talk.

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