Bing adds Facebook Likes to a more Personalized Search Result

Facebook and BingBing and Facebook has teamed up to what I think will be a huge revolution in the world of search. Right now, Bing is adding up Facebook Likes to a more personalized search results page for it’s users.

It is overwhelming how the social network giant, Facebook will give a lending hand to the up-coming blended search forerunner, Bing. Right now, search is starting to become social. It is mind-blowing. This is definitely gonna be big!

Bing results with Facebook Like

Bing will add up a “Liked by your friends” feature to your search results. In consequence, this feature will directly affect your search result. Much like how Facebook’s search engine works right now. Bing’s new Facebook Like feature will only work when you are logged in to Facebook during the query.

Depending on what you typed in as a search query, you will most likely be given results which your friends have Liked in Facebook or Bing. Rank will still be based on Bing’s algorithm for relevancy of course.

Bing Facebook Like

Bing focuses on People

One of the goals of Bing is to make searching for people a lot easier and more relevant. Right now, the user experoence data on people results say that only 20% of searchers are satisfied with the relevancy and quality of the result – unless it is a public figure or a celebrity you’re searching for.

Bing will try to bring you available and public data from your friends Facebook account profiles into your search results. This includes their school, employment information, friends, and perhaps more than that.

Bing People Search

The thing that amazed me is that you can now add a friend or send them a message through Bing’s search results. How cool is that? Very cool. For Bing fans, that is.

Bing and Privacy

Bing will of course respect your privacy. They will not share your search activities with Facebook. They will only use the new Facebook Like feature to bring you results from the Liked content of people you are connected with.

You as a Bing user can also turn the feature off as soon as it is offered to you. You can simply decline the personalized search experience based on Facebook Like data and the feature will automatically be shut down on your account.

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