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Knowledge is one of the most powerful tools in the arsenal of any internet marketer. Having information based on the hottest trends on the most popular platforms is definitely an advantage over other specialists. That kind of data that’s changing everyday may sound like a hassle to take note of but luckily, that’s where BuzzSumo comes into play.

BuzzSumo is one of the most publicly lauded applications in the world in the fields that utilize data such as SEO and Internet Marketing. It is the secret weapon in many SEO Specialists’ armoury simply because it is such a powerful tool that’s just so easy to use. BuzzSumo has three primary functions, namely:

  • Content Discovery
  • Finding Core Influencers
  • Competitor Research

The seemingly basic information presented above is actually THE key data that is a powerful force in the hands of a specialist.  Content, Content Creators and Competitor Research are the bread and butter of any people who create content or manage a business or website and luckily, BuzzSumo is a nifty app that tracks all three at the click of a button.

Importance of Content Discovery

BuzzSumo Content Research

Finding worthwhile content on the internet is a repetitive task. A lot of the content posted online are actually slight repetitions of one another as most of them say the same thing, especially if you work or are looking for info in a specific field. The most challenging aspect of content discovery is finding content that is actually worth reading.  As stated above, some of the content posted on the internet are slightly similar to each other – and finding the best written article among the many is definitely something you’d want for your content curating.

Worthwhile content is determined by many things but we’ll try to summarize these into two indicators. One is that the content is interesting enough and secondly, it is circulating online via social media. People nowadays are working, resting or on their social media managing their relationships and interests. As such, social media is one of the biggest billboards on the planet. Having content circulating among these channels indicates that it is good enough to be discussed among friends and colleagues.

BuzzSumo keeps track of worthwhile content as well as their relevance via observing their circulation via social media. BuzzSumo has made the difficult task of looking for worthwhile content online easy and convenient.

Finding Core Influencers

BuzzSumo Core Influencer

Similar to looking for worthwhile content online, it is also a similarly difficult task to find people that are worth listening to. While it is difficult to sift through the massive amount of noise in the online world, finding the people worth listening to is made easy with BuzzSumo.

Another BuzzSumo component is featuring which platform these “core influencers” are active on, as well as how many shares their page or post has on many social network services.

 Understanding and Researching The Competition

BuzzSumo Competitor Research

BuzzSumo is primarily used as a research tool and one of its most useful functions is having the ability to research and understand all of the competition. Having the data needed to get an edge over the competition is one thing but having a basis of comparison is needed in order to grasp the bigger picture.

BuzzSumo has the ability to show your how well your content is doing as well as how it’s doing against your competitors’ content. This is an extremely useful tool for internet marketers that seek to create content that is worthwhile.

Another great aspect about BuzzSumo is that while you are given the tools to monitor your competitors’ stats, you are also given a Google-esque view of any relevant article, page or post that has mentioned your competitors.


BuzzSumo is a web-based application whose key function lies in its ability to find content, worthwhile content creators as well as researching the competition. It is a fairly simple tool to use but it is an essential part of any successful content marketer’s repertoire.

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