How to Take Care of Your Big Idea

big ideasIt’s the most thrilling thing in the world. Remember the time when the ‘big idea’ hit you? It sends chills down your spine and makes you want to jump in excitement. It won’t put you to sleep (and sometimes you end up over-thinking and over-planning about it). Yup. It’s definitely a Eureka moment.

This is a post for those people who think they have the ‘next big thing’ (whatever that is).

I’ve been toying around with a business idea for sometime. Actually, ‘toying’ around might be an understatement since I’ve already done things beyond the thinking and is actually on my way to build it. There’s no need to share really what my idea actually is- the point is that I want to share to you my experiences with ideas that may (or can) start something big.

That Idea Called ‘The Next Big Thing’

They have one thing in common, they’re all ambitious. I admire people who claim of big ideas. Whether they flop or fly, it tells you so much about the person and his attitude towards success. As Seth Godin puts it- be indispensable. And I genuinely believe that the only way to achieve this is to author a great idea of your own.

The ‘next big thing’ idea is for brave people only- the game changers.

The Gap Between Idea and Reality

There are two thingsin play here. First is the big idea. The second one, is reality. The challenge is on how you combine them together. And I know, this is something I’m currently facing right now which obviously have inspired me to write this post.

Here’s the truth- it is nothing but hard.

I won’t be a hypocrite and say that I truly know how to make an idea a reality. I’ve tried on so many accounts (so maybe I have a bit of experience) but the bigger your idea is, the more challenging it gets. I do have plans of course with regards to my big idea. And these are the steps on how I’m going to make it happen:

Step 1: Have faith in your idea.

Ideas are only as good as your level of belief in it. The light bulb didn’t form on it’s own- Thomas Edison have to believe it’s possible. It goes the same way for all of us. We author our own ideas. If you don’t think it’s good enough, or lose faith in the process, then it’s never going to happen.

Mark Zuckerburg drop out in school because he believed in The Facebook (I’m such a fan of The Social Media by the way). Like I said, only the brave ones can truly conquer big ideas. It takes sacrifice, but only because you have faith that it’s going to work out. Speaking of which…

Step 2: Work For It (Repeat to self until it becomes a reality).

Einstein told you this before, in every genius, there’s 1% inspiration and 99% perspiration. The trouble with big ideas is that you’re never sure how it’ going to work out, and more importantly, how you are going to work for it.

In my case for example, I had to juggle school (mostly that), organization work, and some writing stints (like this one) and hope there’s enough free time to squeeze in the necessary ‘building and planning’.

So how do I manage? Here’s the collection of time guides I use:

  • Have a planner (even just your phone calendar). It’s my life-saver. I swear.
  • To-do lists are important a well.
  • Distribute the tasks daily. It adds up nicely and by some time you realize you’ve done a lot.
  • Have a deadline. I almost forgot this. And I ended up procrastinating just because I’m not sure or isn’t committed enough to doing it. Deadlines grill me down, makes me work harder.
  • Reward yourself. Incentives always help for a job well done.

Step 3: Be Not Afraid.

The trickiest part is coming up with your big idea.

The hardest part is to making your big idea a reality.

The scariest part? Is to launch your big idea to the world (I’m working on this!). Step number 3 is actually a bit self-explanatory. You’re smart, you get this.

Just remember: when in doubt, always refer to step number 1 😉

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