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Category: Google and other Search engine News

SEO advancements in Google

Google MUM: New Search Technology

Google is releasing new tech that aims to improve their understanding of more complex queries that will enable them to provide more accurate and relevant results for these types of queries. MUM stands for Multitask Unified Model which is similar to the BERT model wherein they are built on the same Transformer architecture, but MUM is 1000x more powerful than its […]

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Key Takeaways from Google’s Webspam Report 2020

Google has released their annual Webspam Report for 2020 where they disclose information about their fight against spam on the web. Much of the report is the usual but there is still some information here that is interesting and we’ll break it down in this blog post.

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A Guide on Google Removing Content from Search Results

Google has the majority of the search market share which makes sense since they are at the forefront of bringing relevant and informative results to the users compared to other search engines. This is why Google is always the search engine SEOs primarily choose to optimize for whenever we have clients that are looking to […]

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Unconfirmed Google Algorithm Updates: Should you be Worried About Them?

When Google started pre-announcing broad core algorithm updates back in 2019, the SEO community rejoiced. However, Google makes changes every day in their algorithm and thousands every year. Broad core algorithm updates happen multiple times a year, but there are algorithm updates that happen more frequently.  Their effects are unfelt at times but often they […]

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How To Set Up Google Analytics 4 Conversions

The introduction of Google Analytics 4 last year brought about a number of changes. One of which is the shift from Goals to Conversions. If you utilize GA goals, then you understand the importance of tracking activities that can lead to your business’ success. Today I’ll be teaching you how to optimize your Google Analytics […]

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Google Ads Update: Removing the Broad Match Modifier

SEM, or Search Engine Marketing, is a facet of digital marketing that a lot of advertisers, marketers, and website owners use to improve their search visibility and have an immediate boost in visits. But this has its downsides as well. Spending money just to attract visitors is a choice not a lot of SMEs can […]

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Google Updates The Search Console Index Coverage Report

Google recently updated the Index Coverage report in search console. They’re releasing 4 major changes in the Index Coverage report that will help webmasters have a more thorough and deeper understanding of how Google crawls or indexes their website. These updates have been due to the feedback that webmasters gave Google to further refine and […]

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What We Know About Google’s Passage Indexing

Google’s Passage Indexing was announced in the event Search On 2020 last October. With the announcement came a rush of inquiries and clarifications from SEO specialists and other digital marketing professionals. Will Google really be indexing particular passages? What is the difference between passage indexing and featured snippets? And most importantly, when will it be […]

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Merry Christmas To All Our SEO Hackers!

In 2020, a number of businesses were given the difficult task of changing up their processes to fit a world in the middle of a pandemic. While it may not have been easy to pull off, it certainly caused an increase in adaptability and new insights. This year, SEO Hacker would like to wish you […]

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What You Need to Know About the December 2020 Core Update

Google has launched a new and, hopefully, last core update of the year. The December 2020 Core Update was announced and released last week. The last algorithm core update Google released was back in May of this year. Was the timing of this core update ill-timed? There are obviously winners and losers for this core […]

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