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Category: Google and other Search engine News

SEO advancements in Google

Google Launches March 2019 Broad Core Algorithm Update

Over the past few weeks, numerous SEOs have speculated that Google might have launched unannounced algorithm updates, especially during the early part of March. While ranking fluctuations were present, it wasn’t until Google’s latest announcement that confirms that there indeed was a major algorithm update.

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Google Allo Shutting Down, Duo and Messages Support on the way

2018 has been quite a year for Google, with their development of AI technology, a push for a mobile-friendly search, and some of their services shutting down. For the latter, Google has been shutting down a good amount of their services in an attempt to integrate their features into more comprehensive apps that aim to […]

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Understanding Semantic Textual Similarity

Artificial Intelligence is a technology that has seen huge strides in its development over the past few years. This 2018, companies like Google have been developing the technology to improve user-friendliness and allow more functionality in the services that they offer, such as Google Assistant, Google Search, and much more.

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Google Launches “More Results” on Mobile SERPs

With Google continuing their push towards mobile-friendly usage, the company has launched an update on the Google Search mobile app. The latest update puts the “More Results” button in place of the classic “Next” button where you can navigate the next 10 results in different pages.

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Analyzing Google’s March Algorithm Update

It is no secret that Google updates its search and ranking algorithms every now and then without informing users firsthand. Some of these updates and changes can come off as minor and will not affect rankings drastically. However, those that do tend to shake things up to varying levels that can cause a good amount […]

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How the New Google Image Update Helps Increase Traffic To Your Content

Google Images has seen some significant updates over the past few months, with the most recent update removing the “View Image” button and Image Search function. This update has divided users of Google’s service, as it made searching and downloading images a slightly longer process than before.

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Google Expands AMP into Emails and Ads

We have previously covered some of the latest Google updates this 2018, which includes removing the “View Images” button in Google Images, the upcoming Speed Update, and Google My Business preventing former employees to post negative reviews about their previous company. As usual, these updates aim to improve the user experience and optimize the content […]

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Google Images Update Removes View Image and Image Search

Two months into 2018, Google has been rolling out a slew of updates into their services. All of these updates aim to improve the user experience, and help make Google and its services much more reliable and efficient. Google Images is one of the most popular services that Google has to offer, and the latest […]

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Google My Business No Longer Allows Former Employees To Post Negative Reviews

Google has updated their review feature on Google My Business once more. This time, the update now prevents former employees from posting negative reviews about the companies that once employed them. The reason for this change is because of the new guidelines, which sees these kinds of reviews as conflict of interest.

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Google Just Updated Their Featured Snippets and Knowledge Panels: What You Need To Know

Last month, there was a change in the amount of featured snippets and knowledge panels being shown in Google’s search pages. During a short period in early November 2017, the number of featured snippets went down, while the number of knowledge panels went up. This was seen as a move by Google to test and […]

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