When Video Marketing has become more than just an option

Youtube and video marketingFive years ago, three former PayPal co-workers Chad Hurley, Steve Chen and Jawed Karim started a Flickr-style sharing site for videos. They were expecting this to be big. Five years after, Youtube rose up to become the world’s third most visited website of all time.

As an internet Marketer, you have to know your battleground. Where are you going to market your product in? What websites are going to be effective for your product? What tools do you need to use? What kind of people are you trying to reach? A lot of these questions need an answer with a platform.

As an SEO specialist, I have not limited my skills and client services to SEO only. I also penetrate social networks, blog communities, forums, etc… And now I’m venturing into video marketing – and invite you to do the same. Why?

Isn’t the fact that Youtube is the third most visited website of all time enough reason for me to penetrate the Youtube market?

What’s that? Oh, do I hear a resounding “Yes’”? I believe I do!

A lot of people love to watch- and that’s general knowledge. That’s why televisions are still alive and movies never run out. Youtube has revolutionized the way ‘video watching’ is supposed to be. You go online, search for a video of something you’re looking for – a tutorial, a series, a blooper, or something to just kill your time. You watch it for around 10 minutes or so then you see other related videos ‘round the right sidebar and go on a video browsing spree for hours.

As an internet marketer, I know I want my videos up there because it has a chance to get to the ‘related videos’ tab, or better yet, a chance to get a lot of searches by users if I do things right. Then it gets viral – and isn’t that our goal as internet marketers? To get our stuff to go viral?

Now maybe you’re asking “what’s this got to do with SEO?”

The answer: Search


Yes, you heard me right – search.

When you search for something that youtube has in its database, it almost always pops out on the first page of the SERPs. Making a video and setting the title and all other attributes to your target keyword makes it searchable in the search engines. It’s almost the same as article content making – except that not all people love reading but almost all people love watching videos. Getting the gist of it?

Search in video marketing is a market that is still quite fresh for the taking. Not many SEO practitioners have penetrated this market because almost all SEO practitioners have A LOT of stuff to do. SEO itself is already tasking – add up social network marketing and video marketing and it gets toxic.

My advice? Let your people do the client work for SEO first as you venture out into video marketing – it might just pay off for you as an SEO practitioner.

Tips for Keeps: Try it out on one of your clients or maybe on yourself. Create a video, set the title right, upload it and watch how it works. Youtube is a fresh battleground for SEOs – you have to be one of the firsts to get there to study up how to navigate the battlefield.

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