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Category: Content Marketing

Five Content Marketing Lessons You Can Learn from Simon Cowell

I’ve always been a fan of Simon Cowell. The moment he stepped out of American Idol, I immediately stopped watching it and switched to X-Factor – only because he’s there. Note: Watch out for our post about experts advises on starting your content marketing campaigns. We are very privileged to have advises from Rand Fishkin, Neil Patel, Jerod […]

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Content Marketing Tips for E-commerce Sites

Several tactics had evolved in the past few years that enhance every phase in a content marketing process. They make every task much easier and quicker but still yielding the same or even better results. And the most effective content marketing tactics for e-commerce sites are the overlooked techniques which, if properly utilized, can greatly […]

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5 Things you’re Probably Doing Wrong as a Content Marketer

Although content marketing has been around since the late 1800s, it is only these past couple of years that people have started to really talk about it. In the post apocalyptic Panda and Penguin world, content marketing is seen as a beacon of hope to make things right again with the internet. A place that […]

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SEO Mind picture

How to Increase the Memory Retention Rate of your Readers by 65%

Having readers is great. Having those readers remember your content is awesome. I just found out the science on how to increase your reader’s memory retention rate of your piece of content by a whopping 65%. Here’s how to do it.

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Content Marketing Mix: Content, Layouting and Design

You’ve heard the perhaps most cliche 3-word phrase of the digital marketing age before: Content is king. There’s another truth to it: Content is easy. There’s content everywhere. In content marketing, the “meat” of your content is vital – just as vital is how you present it to your audience.

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How to Retain Readers After they Finish your Content

Now that you know how to cook your content right, let’s tackle how you can keep your readers hooked to your stuff. Great content marketing means serving your readers the good stuff all the way to the end. More than 50% of readers drop out 50% of the way through content on the internet. Here’s […]

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Content Marketing: Where’s the Beef? How to Cook your Content Right

Lots of content floating around the web right now. The fact of the matter is, there are literally thousands and thousands of searches occurring each second that passes us by. Oftentimes they land on crap – content that has a nice title, a good first paragraph but empty words to fill up the ‘Meat’. And […]

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The World Above the Fold: How it all affects SEO

Remember that Google update where they said they would give a little de-ranking on sites that have ads above the fold? Well, this is not about that. It’s about what you SHOULD do above the fold to make your rankings go up. Is it part of content marketing? Heck yeah. Here’s how it all affects […]

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Booby Trap

Assembling Booby-Trap Content for your Audience

Let’s face it, your content will not always attract leads. Meaning it’s just that – content. It does not have any other purpose than to just educate people. You don’t want that. You want content that lures people in, snaps and traps their attention, transform them into leads – then finally get them to convert […]

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Writing for a World of 36-Hours-a-Day Readers

The world is certainly not how it used to be. The internet eats up chunks of hours in our everyday lives. We spend at least 1 hour online each day. There isn’t a mall without a Wifi hotspot. Life is getting faster and faster and we all have to keep up. So how do you […]

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