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Category: SEO

SEO in general

A Quick Guide to Enterprise SEO

SEO has evolved over the years and there are more strategies geared at winning in the industry. One of the scopes of work associated with this field is Enterprise SEO. However, this does not change how SEO plays out the even field entirely.

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Why Your Page’s Word Count Isn’t as Important as You Might Think

Here’s the formula: the longer your page’s word count is, the more chances it has to be successful in search. That’s a common belief or statement in the SEO industry. That might have been true 2 to 3 years ago, but does it still hold effective up to today – amidst all the confirmed and […]

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The Do’s and Don’ts of Internal Linking

Internal linking; one of the most important SEO strategies but is often overlooked and misunderstood. It is also one of the easiest things to do but it is more than meets the eye.  When I talk about internal linking, people sometimes roll their eyes and think that it’s just as simple as making sure your […]

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Google Reveals How They Keep Search Fresh and Relevant

Public Liaison for Search, Danny Sullivan, recently released an article explaining the process of implementing changes to the Google Algorithms. Providing an in-depth overview of how changes reflect in search gives us a further understanding of how these updates roll out for every query.

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Rank Tracker Update: Competitor Analysis and More Accurate Data

Rank Tracker Update: Competitor Analysis and More Accurate Data SEO Powersuite’s Rank Tracker is already known to be one of the most reliable keyword tracking tools. It separates itself from other keyword tracking tools by providing data that others don’t offer. From the usual keyword rank tracking to ranking progressions, SERP analysis, integration of analytics […]

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Google: Robots.txt to Become an Official Standard After 25 Years

In a series of tweets by Google Webmasters, they have announced their proposal of a draft stating that Robots.txt is well on its way from becoming a de facto standard to an official one.

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How to Fix Index Coverage Errors in Google Search Console

Indexing and crawling are two highly important processes for websites and search engines. For a website to appear in the search results, it must first be crawled by a search engine bot and then it will be queued for indexing. As an SEO, it is important that you get your website crawled and indexed and […]

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Overview on Using Search Intent for SEO Content Research

Search intent is one of the primary reasons we do SEO. After knowing what the people are searching for, focus on why they search for that particular content. Search engines detect the pages they want to rank according to the quality and relevance of the content, and this is where search intent comes in. Pages […]

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10 Crucial SEO Mistakes You Might Be Doing

With hundreds of ranking factors being used by Google to identify websites that deserve to be on the first page of the search results, us SEOs are getting crazy with the number of things to think about and tasks to do. SEO is competitive. Once you get to the top page, you can never afford […]

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Google – Yoast Team Proposes New API for WordPress Sitemap

Devs from Google and from Yoast have collaborated on a new project proposal that will automatically generate XML WordPress Sitemaps by default. The proposal for the integration of XML Sitemaps to the WordPress Core has been gaining mixed reactions across the SEO community and I have been observing each one of them.

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