Kinds of Keywords: Geo Targeting Keywords

Keyword ResearchNow that we’ve covered the oh-so-important Product defining keywords, it’s just about time to discuss about Geo targeting keywords. These are the keywords that are slowly becoming more popular and more important as localized search is growing stronger.

What are Geo targeting keywords?

These are the keywords that focus on location. These keywords lead the searchers to a local set of results so that local businesses and companies would be given priority in this ever-growing world with an ever-growing market.

Some example of Geo targeting keywords are (If I wanted to target the Philippine market):

  • Scuba diving Philippines
  • Scuba Diving Batangas
  • Liveaboard Philippines
  • Scuba diving Tubbataha
  • Dive shops Philippines

Why are Geo targeting keywords important?

Localized search is gaining more and more ground especially in the latter development of Google. I can see more locally inclined websites in my search results than in previous months. It is rapidly gaining priority in search engine results page.

Google did not implement this is not without thought. In the rapidly growing internet market, it would be such a bummer to climb the almost-impossible mountain of beating the top 1 website in your desired keyword’s search result (and the reason would mostly be because of the domain age of that website and their well-maintained SEO and content).

So what Google did was they tried to be the mediators between the competition – splitting the results depending on the user’s geographical location. Focusing on giving out localized results for local businesses (which are reputable in Google’s eyes) to have the opportunity to be first.

Every website should have it’s own element of localized specialization. For example, I do service companies internationally. We transact thru paypal, email, chat, etc… But I also have a certain focus on local companies in the Philippines. And as such, I am also competing for the keywords SEO Services Philippines (though I am a bit late and this blog is still only 6 months young so it’s quite a climb for me and my team).

Invest on the right geo targeted keywords for your website. It will pay off – especially now that localized search is being given more and more priority as the web grows.

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  • Nice write-up Sean, straight to the point: you define it for those who have no clue what geo targetting is and then you explain why it’s important.

  • I am a web designer who also offers SEO services for my clients, who are mostly local small businesses in Durham Region. There is no way a small town these small businesses would be able to rank for a search term such as “Chiropractor” or “Bookkeeper”, but I can get them to rank for keywords such as “Durham Chiropractor” or “Durham Bookkeeper”.

  • This post is exactly what I’ve told my clients over and over again.
    I wonder if there will be a similar “mediation” for non-physical online businesses.
    Since geo-targeting only works for location-dependent businesses it’s interesting to see how Google will handle the global competition for e.g. internet businesses.