Google Expands AMP into Emails and Ads


We have previously covered some of the latest Google updates this 2018, which includes removing the “View Images” button in Google Images, the upcoming Speed Update, and Google My Business preventing former employees to post negative reviews about their previous company. As usual, these updates aim to improve the user experience and optimize the content and performance of different websites.

Another update that Google aims to roll out this year is the planned expansion of Accelerated Mobile Pages into email, which is intended to make it more interactive than before. This is an attempt by Google to modernize email and make it more engaging and actionable. Like the Google Images update, this may come as divisive and controversial to many users, as a lot of people have been used to Gmail’s standard format. Let us look into the details of the update, along with how it further pushes the use of AMP in websites.

The Update in Detail

Based on the announcement from Google, they aim to create emails that offer more functionality that would increase engagement. Based on the demonstrations in their announcement, AMP emails will allow different tasks to be accomplished within the emails themselves. For example, if you want to confirm your account in a website, you can instantly access the confirmation page itself, instead of having to click on a link that would open a new tab on the browser.

From how it looks like, this is a feature that can save a few more clicks, and make different processes more efficient for users. This can help emails remain fresh and up-to-date, which means that you may no longer have to send those updated emails every now and then. This also eases up on the number of emails in general, as one of the most prominent problems of users is having a large backlog of unread emails that take time to navigate.

For developers who want to try and test out AMP-enhanced emails, Google is offering preview access by signing up to this site. Some websites like Pinterest and have begun their development on implementing AMP into their emails to improve their service.

SEO Implications

With email marketing still an effective strategy to generate traffic and conversions, AMP-powered emails has the potential to increase click-through rates, and generate more interest compared to regular emails. One of the challenges of email marketers is to generate interest, and make users click. With AMP-powered emails, users would have a better time navigating through their emails, as it no longer clutters their browser by having to go to a new tab, which happens after clicking email links.

Content marketing would also benefit from the AMP expansion, as users would now be able to receive and access content, and view it on the email itself instantly. People prefer quick and efficient processes, and Implementing AMP to emails would enhance the experience, and make going through emails a more pleasant experience. The mobile experience would also be enhanced with AMP, as emails would become more accessible and viewable on different devices, which is one of the main aims of AMP.

With all these updates, one concern that may show up would be loading speeds. With a slew of new features present in email, this may affect the performance of Gmail, and affect loading times. While these issues may be ironed out eventually, this will definitely cause some early issues that have to be resolved as soon as they become present.

Key Takeaway

With Google rolling out new updates in the upcoming months, we should expect some changes in their other services, especially in Search. With AMP and mobile-first approach being one of the biggest priorities this 2018, expect to see its integration into more websites.

If you have any questions about AMP and SEO in general, leave a comment below and let’s talk.

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