You Might Be Affected By the Google Search Console AMP Crawl Bug

Google Search Console

Over the past few days, we have noticed a frequent issue that has been repeatedly occurring whenever we check our Google Search Console. The issue that kept on being reported was an AMP crawl issue, an issue that needed immediate action.

This kind of issue is concerning, as it means that your mobile traffic would be negatively impacted, which can cause in a drop in your mobile rankings. With the issue at hand, our team was able to provide a fix for each issue efficiently, making sure our mobile rankings remain steady. While this issue tends to happen every now and then, the frequency of it happening within a span of days sparked a cause for concern. A few days ago, Google issued a statement that gave a lot of people a sigh of relief that is much needed.

Google Statement

After days of facing the same issue, a statement by Google was able to give us an answer as to why it has been happening. In their statement, they stated that the high amount of AMP crawl issues was due to an error in their part. The bug is currently being resolved by Google, with much of the issues caused by the bug resolved as soon as possible.

Numerous SEO professionals have encountered this problem and have caused a lot of websites to quickly find the fix to the issue. In fact, some websites have received hundreds of error reports, which is something that would surely cause significant traffic drops and hamper the user experience for mobile users.

With mobile SEO a crucial part of search, anything that can damage your rankings must be solved as soon as possible.

What you can do

With Google fixing the bug, the best way to approach this issue is to wait for Google to resolve the issue before going into further action. Once the issue has been resolved and some errors still remain, this would be the right time to resolve those web pages that need to be fixed. For most issues, a validation fix would be enough to resolve the issue, unless a more serious issue arises that might need more assistance.

It is also best to check your Google Search Console on an hourly basis to see if bug on your site has been removed and to check any impact on your traffic. This is also the best time to do some mobile optimization as well, and update any web pages that might be the cause of issues in the future.

Key Takeaway

AMP has been one of the most important developments in the world of SEO, as it optimizes the user experience for mobile users and makes pages viewable on more devices. Bugs tend to happen every now and then, and this latest Google Search Console AMP bug is an issue that highlights the impact of crawl errors on your search traffic. This is another lesson in keeping on our toes and making sure that we monitor our traffic more closely than ever.

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