Google Search Parameters and Why you need to Know them

So the question for the day is: who among internet users today has never used Google to search for something? Probably none. And today I’ve stumbled upon an entry of Stephan Spencer in Search Engine Journal which talk about Google Query Operators.

If you’re a frequent web user, or should I say, Google user, then you probably would want to know about these parameters you can use in order to help narrow down your search results to your desired… well… results.

Some of the Query operators he cites are:

Operator Description Format Example Description
filetype: search marketing filetype:doc Restrict search results by file type extension
site: google Search within a site or domain
inurl: inurl:marketing Search for a word or phrase within the URL

And there’s plenty more for your Google searching needs. It even has stocks results and mathematical expression. Maybe next time there’ll be results for cooking recipes too!

I’d advise you guys to use these parameters in helping you out with your SEO client work. While it’s true that not all people use these operators now, it might just find it’s use in the near future since the data in the web isn’t getting any smaller.

To go to Stephan Spencer’s entry, click here

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