Google Releases September 2019 Core Update

Cover Photo - Google Releases September 2019 Core Update

Google releases numerous algorithm updates every year, but with the trend they’re setting, only the big updates warrant an announcement from them. The most recent example is their announcement of the June 2019 Broad Core algorithm update. They’re now releasing a new core update which could result to either good or bad results for us SEOs. 

September 2019 Core Update

A few days ago, Google tweeted that they’ll be rolling out the September 2019 core update the same day. Here’s the tweet:

September Core Update Tweet Screenshot
This isn’t a new move since they announced the June Broad Core algorithm update through twitter as well. However, for the September 2019 core update, they linked back to their article detailing on what we should know about their core updates. I’ve already written about this – about how to recover from Google’s Broad Core Algorithm Updates

So, as expected, there aren’t any specific factors that this core update aims to target. Since the current trend involves improving the E-A-T and content of the pages, I don’t think this will change any time soon. Just yesterday, they confirmed through a tweet that the September core update is now live and will be rolling out:

Google SearchLiaison Tweet Screenshot
Based on the forecasting tools available to us, there are changes already happening in the SERPs:

Accuranker Google Grump ScreenshotAccuranker’s Google Grump Rating

SEMRush Sensor ScreenshotSEMRush Sensor

CognitiveSEO Signal ScreenshotCognitiveSEO’s Signals

Effects on our SEO

So far, most of our clients are not experiencing any major changes. Except for one, health-related website that we handle which was negatively hit by the June 2019 broad core update. It is currently showing signs of recovery, but it’s still too soon to tell since the September core update was just rolled out yesterday. But here’s what our traffic looks like now:

Analytics Data Recovery screenshot

It’s not THAT significant, but after months of having no signs of recovery, this is definitely a good thing.  

Key Takeaway

I’m excited to see the results of this update, but it also serves as a reminder that we, as webmasters and SEOs need to always be on our toes when it comes to Google’s sudden algorithm changes. If we can’t keep up with all the changes that are happening, we’ll be left behind. So, I suggest we read up, keep our focus on the changes in the industry, and adapt accordingly. What about you? Have you noticed any changes with regards to the core update? Let me know in the comments below!

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