Google, Yahoo or Bing. Pick your poison

search engine big threeHave you ever tried searching with any of these three? I’m sure you have. These are the most renown search engines around. Which gives the most relevant results?

Right now search engines compete to make themselves better in terms of their results and different functionalities. The more relevant results, the better.

I would think that right now Google still holds the most searches in the world. Why? Well, they’ve never stopped innovating and they’ve never stopped improving their search engine algorithm. They keep on changing it – adapting to the trends of the internet and to the trends of SEO pracitioners (especially the black hat ones).

Yahoo existed even before Google and Google existed even before Bing. Now the three are competing. Yahoo has lost the throne to Google because it succumbed to the era of black hat SEO keyword spammers and meta tag abusers while Google has come up with a more intelligent algorithm to counter that. And as we can see, Google is reaping the benefits – in colossal amounts.

Try searching for the same keywords in all three search engines and chances are you get different results. Is one better than the other? Hmm… With some keywords Google might have the best results but with some,  Bing or Yahoo gives you the most relevant ones. There is still no solid search engine yet to always show you the most relevant results you’re looking for.

That’s because so many people are looking for so many things everywhere. It’s the world in the internet and it cannot yet be fully intelligently indexed. I don’t doubt that it is possible, but right now we’re not yet there. There is still no best search engine when in terms of relevant results – although Google is the most consistent search engine for me(speaking from personal experience).

So if you’re looking for something in the net and you get crappy results from one search engine, try the next one – you might just get what you’re looking for.

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  • Worth pointing out that Google's search has actually been around longer than Yahoo's.

    All of Yahoo's search pages used to say "Powered by Google".

    • Good to know Squall. Thanks for mentioning that fact!

  • AND, Yahoo results are already being powered by Bing. The switchover a.k.a "Search Alliance" is well underway and will be in full effect soon.

    Sidenote: Recently, I read Baidu was expanding their territory (which made me happy) and Bing really has to step up now as it's going to be "make it or break it" for them. They won't get another opportunity like they will with the merger.

    • Yeah the partnership seems pretty promising. And Bing will surely grow through this deal with Yahoo. Have you heard that Yahoo Japan though is partnering up with Google? They're pissing microsoft off haha!

      Really? Why are you happy with Baidu? It's a chinese search giant. Is Bing also going to tie up with Baidu? O.o

  • so many bots crawling my website, and everybody using just these three…

  • r-tz

    yahoo/mobile probably have bugs, lots of emails accounts was hacked this week but yahoo is sleeping…
    yahoo fail

  • zeater


  • I think if Bing (not including Yahoo since its now fully powered by Bing) has done what Google did by having localised search results with their .CO.ZA for South Africa & .CO.UK for United Kingdom then that would help improve their relevance and also more people in South Africa for example (where I’m from) would have more faith in Bing.

    I HATE using Bing in SA because if I search for let’s say “SEO Companies” using Bing I get results from overseas companies which I really don’t want.

    If I do the same in Google I get a list of companies is South Africa… precisely what I want.

    • Emil van Zyl

      I agree with you Gerard. Hopefully MS will localise BING SA for us soon :-)

      • King_Anonymous

        Bing is the most localized guys. It may still be on .com but trust me it even functions on local cap as compared to Google. Infact, they now offer a button that you may click to only get S.A results so.. yea.

  • Good evening Sean.
    Today,who cares about search results in Yahoo or Bing.
    The gold is Google.
    My website appears on first page of Yahoo and Bing but on Google appears 6 pages after.
    Nobody call me and tell to me: “I have found your company on Yahoo or Bing”.
    In My opinion only 5-10% of web users do searching in other engines

  • Jillxz

    I have used Google for a long time. But when Google isn’t giving me the relevant results I am looking for and then I have to modify my search terms , Google gets very confused and begins to throw out totally bad results. I end up going to Bing and usually Bing gets it right on the first attempt. I have resorted to using Bing more and more lately. I think i is very good. But I still use Google too.

    • Really?
      That’s an interesting insight. Majority of the people worldwide still use Google. It’s quite refreshing to hear that someone’s using Bing over Google because of results relevance.

  • Misa Jovcic

    A slave has no choice.. ~ Kenyan

  • Bo

    I use DUCK DUCK GO, IXQUICK, YANDEX, BLEKKO, and a few times Google. Ixquick is metasearch, but gives good privacy. Yahoo sold themselves to MS and became worthless. Yandex is a very good search engine but it lacks in language support. DDG is alllright most of the time. Blekko is very good sometimes but can also be crappy. Yahoo and Bing no thanks. Use Iron and Pale moon instead of Chrome and Firefox because they are better.

  • gryzyxwoz

    Google is too friggin’ ad-oriented