How is Google’s personalized Search engine capability going to affect SEO?

Google now has a personalized search feature in their search engine. It’s kind of like a bot that can tell Google’s search engine what kind of stuff you’re looking for. Different keywords have different results and you’re if you’re looking for only one type of result, it would be tasking to go through all of the irrelevant search results.

For example, if you’re looking to buy the cheapest baseball bat and you type in ‘baseball bat’ several search results can come up. Now, you’re looking to purchase so other results of baseball bat (which might include a history or a definition) is irrelevant and won’t matter to you at all. What the personalized search does is that it takes notice of all your search history and tries to figure out what about ‘baseball bat’ are you looking for in the internet.

Change is inevitable

This is a very big development in the search engine giant. Remember, Google holds about 90% of all web-searchers so SEO should know how to adopt to such a development. What are my predictions in SEO in this new feature of Google?

More personalized SEO

People want to be the center of everything – that’s human nature. Web 2.0 has delivered that pretty well to us. The internet is more and more becoming user-centered than site-centered. What can SEO do in order for them to still have the optimum output they’re looking for?

Why, they have to adapt of course! So what’s gonna happen? I think SEO will focus more on the people – on their chain of searches, on giving them more links about what they’re looking for. SEO is all about giving people what they’re looking for and making your site visible enough to deliver that. Google being more personal means SEO getting more personal too.

Partnering up!

If you want your site to be more personal, you have to use social media. Social media is one of the most powerful tools in SEO because it connects the user’s personality with your website. You have to communicate! Don’t just market your stuff to them. You have to partner up with the social network sites out there.

But more than that, you have to partner up with a lot of different other websites that are relevant to yours. I’m not saying partner up with your competitors (although that would be a good idea – in order for you to beat other ‘bigger’ competitors, make a ‘competitor circle’ and stay in it. This is for your advantage because it makes your site more searchable and more personal, information-wise.)

Personal? Then ‘person’ is key!

You have to have a person for every site you’re doing SEO for. Someone to represent the site. Sort of a mascot – for what purpose?

Google is moving towards a personal community. Companies can never reach out to a personal community, simply because companies are never personal – they’re companies not persons!

Having someone to represent the company will make it easy in their indulgence in social media sites. These guys can easily communicate, make profiles, promote, praise, etc. For the web-searchers to know more about the company or website. In the long-run, this is an investment that will greatly up your site’s visibility.

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