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I was invited to talk for University of Santo Tomas as they held their event: “Prism” which is the “First Thomasian Student Food and Hospitality Marketing Convention”. It was interesting that I was invited to speak at this event since it is an event for Hotel and Restaurant Management (HRM) students.

A Formal Event

The talk was at Le Pavillon along Roxas Blvd. There were students of every level and they were all formally dressed up to hear me speak about SEO and how it can impact soon to graduate HRM students like them.


It’s even more interesting to note that I had no idea how I’m going to talk about SEO to a crowd of HRM students. They most probably have no background in IT or internet marketing. So I touched base with the search engines since I assume that everyone in the room have used Google to search.

I made my topic really simple and I related it to my audience as much as I can. I worked for a long time to finish this deck with all the research, pictures and words that I needed to put in. SEO can be made simple. And this is one way to do it – relate it to your audience. Give them a tease of what it is and what it can mean for your business. Arouse their curiosity. Tug at their interest.

I had a really good time with that talk. Plus I had the wonderful support of our team photographer (Kevin Si) and videographer (Khris Torres).

Sean Si UST Awarding

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