Kinds of Keywords: Customer Defining Keywords

Keyword ResearchNow that we’ve covered up Market defining keywords, let’s move on to the next most-used keywords which are the Customer defining keywords. If your business is customer-centered, these keywords should be your main target. Choosing the right keywords is all about getting in your customer’s head. What can your type of customer possibly search for?

What are customer defining keywords?

These are the keywords that are focused on your target customers. For example if your business is about scuba diving then some of your customer defining keywords would be:

  • Scuba Diver/s
  • Underwater photographer
  • Scuba diving enthusiast

Why are customer defining keywords important?

It helps you realize who you want to direct your search results to. It also helps you realize the effectiveness of your keywords on this specific field.

For some companies and businesses, customer defining keywords are vital in helping their customers find more resources about the business or market through the experience or testimonies of other customers that can be found throughout the web.

For example, if I want scuba divers to know about a great scuba diving resort that I own, what I could do is target the keywords:

  • Scuba diver’s choice of dive resort

Or if I want to indirectly market my scuba diving gears products through scuba divers, I can target the keywords:

  • Scuba diver’s choice of scuba gear

Usually when these keywords are targeted, the ones using them will create resources that are built from other previous customer’s testimonies or experiences. They do this through various methods such as video interviews or just plain and simple text content.

There’s still a big market and a huge sea of untapped customer defining keywords that are available for you. And optimizing customer defining keywords ain’t as hard as fighting your way through market and/or product defining keywords (which we’ll be discussing next).

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