Linking Strategy – The Google Alerts SEO Trick

If there’s one thing you should know about search engine optimization, it’s this – backlinks count (a lot!). So every time you complain why your ranking are so low or why you rarely get any search engine traffic, the obvious thing to blame is probably your relatively little backlink count.

More than just the number, the relevance and trustworthy-ness of your backlinks is taken into consideration. One backlink from, say, CNN weighs a thousand times more compares to those from spammy websites.

Taking this into consideration, we know face this problem – how do we really get quality backlinks?

The Google Alerts Trick

I’ve read this trick a long time ago from some SEO guru that I fail to remember now (I would’ve credited him if I still can). Anyway, the trick he taught me was indeed awesome. Via a few steps, he taught me how to tap the free features of Google itself to be able to get a headstart over backlinking campaign. And yes- no budget involved.

The Google Alerts trick simply works like this:

If you are building backlinks for a site, you obviously need to scout for relevant sites to begin with. Now this is the tricky part. There are literally millions of possible sites out there and filtering out priority sites to negotiate with is a big, big problem.

To make it easy, what you do is that you list the keywords of the site you’re campaigning for, and then from that list, input the keywords on your Google Alerts. Wait for Google to deliver alert emails in your items and presto. There you can directly get sites that are relevant and considered worthy of Google itself.

It’s like being able to personally consult that hegemonic search engine without breaking a sweat. Nifty trick don’t you think?

Plus More Tips on Backlinking

  • Focus on targeted keywords. This is pretty basic. You don’t directly compete for example with ‘chocolates’ or ‘swimming’ because those keywords are very saturated. Narrow it down to something more specific. In return, you’ll be able to receive more specific alerts too… and trust me, this makes things way easier.
  • Leave a valuable comment on every relevant site. Especially if it uses commentluv or anything similar.
  • Observe sites that repeatedly show in your alerts results. These are sites that are more weighty and valuable, so target them. Better yet, make a way to get a direct backlink from that site to yours. Write a guest post, or if you have a bigger budget, why not buy a link?


This trick will only work as long as you’re doing a regular (day-to-day for better results) backlink campaign. Because Google Alerts will forever send you notifications as long as you are subscribed to it, you need to make sure to habitually be able to do this. On the down side, this can be a time-consuming process, but anyway, get used to it. We all know quality SEO always takes time right? 😉

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