How to Market Your App Enabled Accessory Website Through Social Media

Marketing App Enabled Website

Social media marketing is one of the profitable methods in online marketing nowadays. Aside from the fact that every social network has millions of users and subscribers, social media provides an easy way for brands to get in touch closely with their target customers or audience.

For an app-enabled accessories website like Appcessories, you need to create a solid social media marketing strategy to help your brand stay ahead of the competition.

Like any other tech websites, you will be targeting two types of audience:

  • Groups of techy readers/visitors who would only need in-depth guides on specific technical topics.
  • Groups of non-techy readers/visitors like small business owners who are looking for basic how-to-posts about certain tech subjects.

You need to choose between the two groups and to be very specific with your actions (since you should be able to identify the group’s needs, wants, interests, age, location and other basic details).

Once you have identified your target group, you should now start planning for your social media campaign. Start with your internal content (site content itself).

Social media campaign is not just about using social media platforms to promote your content, page, story or any other things you want your brand to be known for.

It always starts with the most important thing – your own website.

Internal social media campaign

Choosing the best theme and site hosting is the first thing you should consider in online marketing. For hosting options, you can choose any hosting sites in this post.

For themes, you need to look at those that would make social buttons visible on the most important areas of the website, such as:

  • Header menu
  • Sidebar
  • Footer
  • Branded pages (about us, contact us, resources archive, etc.)

There are cases that adding your favorite social media plugin won’t be suitable for the chosen theme of your WordPress site. So it is very important to choose a theme that is not only attractive to visitors but would emphasize social profiles or buttons on your website.

It is also best to choose only social media platforms that your audience (target group) is most active on. This will mostly be based on the industry of your website and the common interests of your audience. For instance, techy sites are not used to sharing posts on Pinterest given that there are no pictures that must be shared aside from screenshots of tutorials WordPress web designers/developers are making.

In this case, you don’t really need to add Pinterest button in your website’s social media sharing.

External social media campaign

Now that you have implemented a good social media campaign internally on your site, it’s now time to plan how you will win over your competitors in your chosen social media platforms.

There are many networks that you can use; but in this post, I would like to discuss Twitter only.

I believe that Twitter is the most flexible social platform because almost all industries are using it and any person around the world is using this on mobile and desktop devices.

Let’s dive in to how you can effectively use Twitter to your own advantage and make it as one of your main traffic generators to your website.

To speed things up, I personally use ManageFlitter, because it’s a platform that’s easy to use and understand.

Manage Flitter

Manage Flitter

Here are some key features of the tool.

Unfollow filter options

With the several features included in the Unfollow dashboard of the tool, you can remove any follower every 3 days that doesn’t follow you back or:

  • Has fake (spam) profile
  • Low following ratio
  • Too quiet
  • Low influence rate

Unfollow Manage Flitter

Power mode

The power mode feature of Manageflitter can help you do a lot of social media activities like:

  • Following persons who followed your competitors in the industry (which can be filtered into # of followers, spam probability, validity, social media activity – e.g. # of tweets per day, etc.)
  • Following persons who followed your social influencer (popular author/blogger).
  • Find social participants that tweet specific keywords (e.g. those who have the word, “seo” in their tweets).
  • Find social followers with specific keyword/phrase in their bio profiles.

Power Mode Manage Flitter

You can do any filters to your social prospecting to make your list more targeted and relevant to your brand (which will be important in driving social engagement and followings to your brand’s Twitter profile).



Twilert is another social media marketing tool that you can use in your important social activities, including:

  • Tracking mentions of your brand which will help you actively engage your social followers (preferably your potential customers or brand loyalists).
  • Discover mentions of your competitors’ offerings (products or services), which can give you a cutting edge strategy to target their audiences for your own brand’s marketing purposes.
  • Listens to what people are talking about in your tech industry. This is very important in understanding their needs and what type of content that they would like to see or share on Twitter.


Marketing a tech-related content or website is difficult if you don’t have a strategy set beforehand. Things would be much easy and would likely get you results if you already know what actions you need to take on to execute your social media marketing plan for your business.

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