• Very interesting post Sean. I have just been reading up on Twitter influence and can this is already playing a part in SEO – glad you worked out that equation rather than me too :)



    • Hey Andy,
      Thanks! Yeah it is playing a very interesting part. It’s influence in Google SERPs isn’t a permanent push though. It’s more of a ‘Hey I’m here and I’m new!’ rather than ‘Hey I have great stuff to say and a lot of people are linking to it’ ranking factor. It doesn’t stick too long. You have to back it up with real SEO to make it last.

  • Hey, i don’t know how the twitter infulence is calculated. Now i am able to give answer after reading this pos t . Thanks @Sean for such important concept discussion.

    • Hey Anderson,
      You’re very welcome. You can check out other metrics too. I heard Twitalyzer is also good – it’s more like analytics. You could try that too

  • Lisa

    So it appears you should not follow many but how do you get followers if you do not follow many yourself?

    • Hey Lisa!
      Well if you do give out good, quality tweets then chances are people would follow you :)

      • I agree with your both, Lisa and Sean! Now, I started to trim down my “Following” in Twitter.