Merry, Merry Christmas to you all!

Merry ChristmasIt’s been our first year around and we surely had a blast with you! As you well know, this website went up just this April and we’ve been rolling and rolling and rolling and hopefully we’ll keep on rolling this coming year.

We have been so privileged in building relationships online and launching our first ever basic SEO course which is still on-going until mid February. To the course enrollees, congratulations on being the first students of SEO Hacker!

God has blessed me and the SEO Hacker team so much in our growth as a company and as individuals and we are so privileged to share our joy with you this season of smiles. The history of how SEO Hacker came to be is simply amazing. It is my testimony to share with all of you.

May you all keep step with me as the new year unfolds. You can be sure that we will keep on blogging out our tips, tutorials, tricks and advice all throughout the year. Pray for us – more blessings to come!

Again, from me and the entire SEO Hacker team,

Merry, merry Christmas!


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Sean Patrick Si

SEO Hacker Manager and SEO Specialist

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