Monitor Backlinks Tool: When Monitoring your Backlinks plays a Crucial Role

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First situation: Domain of the backlink which you bought/sold expired

Problem 1: You buy an advertisement or a backlink from website “A”. How do you find out if “A” website has expired or the domain has been parked?

Problem 2: You sell a backlink or advertise a banner from your “B” site, but you will forget to renew the domain (which will also affect your client, because he will lose some link juice).

What do you do if your Domain Registrar doesn’t warn you about your domain, the e-mail goes in junk or you simply delay your renewal and then forget about it?

Solution: A backlink monitoring tool such as Monitor Backlinks notifies you that one of your backlinks got the 302 Redirect error (this is the http header response code is returned in most of the cases). That means website “A” or “B” (or both) isn’t working.

302 error
You can check it and then renew the domain (if it is yours) or notify the other webmaster that his domain expired. 302 Redirects don’t transfer any PageRank juice.

Second situation: You or your client change the design of a website and forget about your sidebar/footer backlinks

It happens to all of us. From time to time we make small or big design changes and forget about our sidebar/footer backlinks.

Backlink not found or Server Down
Solution: Your backlink monitoring tool should tell you when one of your backlinks status got changed (deleted/modified) and then you can check what the problem is.

Third situation: broken links/nofollow tag problem

There are lots of mistakes which you can make when adding a new link:

– the website address isn’t correct
– the website address got changed (redirects to another page)
– the website isn’t working / doesn’t exist
– the anchor text is incorrect
– you added the nofollow tag to a backlink

This mistakes can also be made by the webmaster from which you buy advertisments/backlinks/promoted posts.

Solution: One of the main features of Monitor Backlinks is that you get notified about your backlinks status (nofollow checker, 301 moved permanently, bad redirect etc) and you can also check in your dashboard the Anchor Text, Google PR, Alexa Rank.

That means when one of your backlinks is modified, you will be the first one which finds about the change.

Now: how can you monitor your backlinks + Special Coupon for SEO Hacker community

Monitor Backlinks helps you monitor all of your backlinks by automatically notifying you by email if there were made any changes to them (including nofollow tag, anchor text, adress changes and redirects). You can also choose to get notified when one of your backlinks (bought/sold) will expire soon.

We are giving to SEO Hacker community a special coupon, which allows them to monitor 50% more backlinks at every type of package.

The coupon code is “SEOHacker50“.

Start using Monitor Backlinks now!

How to use the coupon code

1. Register & Login into your account.

2. Click on your Profile Icon.

3. Insert your coupon in the “Have a Coupon Code?” section.

4. Click “Redeem”.

5. Select which type of premium plan do you want (depending on how many backlinks you need to monitor) and make the payment.

6. You will receive 50% more backlinks than the initial package.

Problems? Watch this Step-By-Step tutorial.

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