Capturing Your Audience: Making Your Podcast Grow With SEO


The internet has grown into the world’s largest media provider, with millions of people accessing a wide variety of it every single day. These forms of media include videos, music, images, and even podcasts. For the latter, podcasts are some of the most popular forms of media, with a wide audience listening to discussions about various topics such as sports, cinema, gaming, technology, and even SEO.

With the increasing number of listeners every year, getting them heard by the right audience is imperative, and one of the best ways to widen your audience is through the use of SEO. Like other strategies, podcast SEO requires certain techniques that only work for this specific platform. Here are some effective tips and techniques on how you can use SEO to increase your podcast audience.


Get the Audience’s Attention and Interest

The main reasons why people listen to podcasts is because the topic is something that they are interested in. With a plethora of topics and podcasts already available to the audience, finding a way to set yourself apart is one of the top priorities. One effective way of doing so is by crafting some interesting and eye-catching titles for your podcasts.

It is best to get straight to the point and show what your podcast is about. A good title can involve a clever reference to your topics, or a catchy name. Along with a good title, you must also have the right keywords, which would help get you into search engine results pages. Once you have a consistent amount of audiences, you can also add subtitles and captions, which would help get you searched more easily.

Create a Post for Each Episode

You might have an interesting podcast that has compelling content, but it would all be wasted if you do not have a good website to post them on. Just like posting articles on your blog, it is important that you have an individual page for each of your podcast episodes. You can also use your podcast’s transcription as the content. There are a variety of services available in the market. One of the best I’ve used would be Ebby’s Podcast Transcription service.

This would help you share each episode more conveniently, and help more users search and access your content. Getting more traffic to your website would mean more listeners, which would help build your podcast into a trusted and authoritative source.

Present It Well

Presentation is also key, as adding relevant images and graphics would definitely attract more people to your podcasts. This would give your users the impression that you are a reputable site that puts effort into creating episodes that have top-notch content. Examples of good presentation include a user-friendly layout that allows you to navigate the site easily, and images that are relevant with your topics. You can also make use of headings and meta descriptions, which are the first things that people would see in their search results.

One of the newest SEO trends is getting your website optimized for mobile through AMP. With a lot of people accessing content through their mobile devices, this will undoubtedly help you get more listeners, as a lot of people download and listen to their podcasts on the go.


Share Your Content on Social Media

Social media has become an important element in SEO metrics and analytics, as content sharing increases internet traffic by a good margin. Methods of sharing your content vary from each social media site, so it is best to do some research. For example, sharing on Twitter is different, due to the fact that you only have a limited amount of characters for each post, which is why adding images and a concise description would do wonders.

Meanwhile, Facebook allows you to share your content through various methods. One of them is sharing your episodes on your podcast page, on your personal accounts, and in Facebook groups. This will help you reach your intended audience as Facebook pages and groups have members who have specific interests that you can tap. Use the power of social media to your advantage, and it would help your audience grow.


YouTube is one of the most watched video streaming sites on the internet, with videos garnering millions of views daily. You can take advantage of its wide audience base by converting your podcasts into videos. There are tools you can use to convert your audio files into videos, and you can also record videos of your podcasts.

More people would see your podcasts and access your site through YouTube, and give you a consistently increasing viewer count. Being a different site unto itself, YouTube SEO is a different kind of animal. Luckily, we have the ultimate guide to YouTubeSEO.

Key Takeaway

Podcasts are a great place to listen to a wide range of discussions, which is part of the reason why more people listen to them on a daily basis. With so many podcasts available on the internet, having a consistent number of listeners would help keep you going. By using these podcast SEO tips and techniques, you would be able to get more people to listen.

If you have more questions and inquiries about SEO strategies and techniques, leave a comment below and let’s talk.

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