Portrait of an SEO by Kpaul

Found a really entertaining article about SEO entitled Portrait of an SEO. It’s written by Kpaul in SEObook – which is one of the blogs I follow in terms of SEO knowledge.

I’m not familiar with Kpaul but he also did another piece called Portrait of a blogger. I haven’t had time to read it though. But he claims the article’s popularity was the one who catapulted him to guest post in SEObook. So I guess it’s pretty much something.

SEO Newbie picture

He jokingly categorizes SEO’s into these categories:

  • The SEO Newbie
  • SEO Autoblogger
  • SEO Link Merchant
  • Phony SEO Guru
  • SEO Tail Chaser
  • White hat SEO
  • Black hat SEO
  • Grey hat SEO
  • Blue hat SEO
  • Article Marketer
  • Viral SEO Ninja
  • SEO Grandmaster
  • Real SEO Guru

Go check it out! It’s worth a read. The article can be found here

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