Why Rank Tracker is a Must-Have Tool in 2015

Rank Tracker We love tools, because they help us become more efficient. While this is true, not all tools are actually helpful as some of them only make things more complicated, and after every usage you’ll realize that you’ve only wasted so much of your time. Now, the year is about to end. Perhaps it’s time to list the tools you’re still planning to use for the coming year, as well as the reasons why you’re bringing them with you in the future.

For SEO Hacker team, Rank Tracker is definitely a tool worth using even in the coming years. It’s not just because of the fact that they set the standard of a good rank tracking tool, but also because they keep on developing features and help users be more proficient with their tasks.

Just this year they updated some of their already existing features, and I am more than glad to present to you the five updated features that make Rank Tracker a must-have tool in 2015.

1. Keyword Difficulty

While most tools give you rankings for the keywords you’ve chosen, Rank Tracker will suggest the most efficient keywords and evaluate how difficult it would be to rank them. Pretty cool, right? This is possible because of the new Keyword Difficulty score in Rank Tracker that helps you choose only the right keywords, so no time nor money would be wasted on less efficient keywords.

Keyword Difficulty

The new feature is basically about a new, niche-based approach to keywords. The new keyword difficulty tool will check the top organic results for every keyword in your project. It works by looking at multiple metrics and analyzing the top 10 results in Google, showing how tough every keywords ranking process is.

2. Personalized rankings

Have you ever wondered whether or not you’re getting the accurate rankings of your keywords? Admit it, like it or not, Google’s personalized search by location, browsing history or even your social media activities, especially on Google+, can affect the accuracy of the results you’re expecting. The drive to give users the best search experience moves Google to use all the data they could get from every user. But as much as it is helpful to ordinary netizens, this is also a burden to many SEOs.

But, not anymore.

Since Rank Tracker uses its own built-in browser when checking for positions – its non dependency on history logs or social media activity records gives you non-personalized and unbiased results by default. The best bit of this tool is that, unlike other SEO tools which check rankings using their own IP address – from some country you don’t know and cannot change – Rank Tracker uses your own IP address by default. And in the case you need to check rankings from a certain location, you can still do so by setting a proxy from your target locations.

To do it, go to Preferences > Proxy Settings.

Personalized Rankings

3. Quick domain analysis

When you have plenty of clients but don’t have too much time to check on their analytics, nor evaluate the performance of their rankings, having an instant analysis tracker available in just a click away is quite the advantage. Imagine your tool giving you almost everything you need to understand the standings of your client’s websites from Alexa Rank, number of pages indexed by different search engines to even how many times the site is mentioned on different social networks, as well as how many visits these networks bring.

Eventually, you’ll realize it’s truly worth every penny you’ll spend. Having this kind of feature allows you to quickly evaluate your website’s performance – its strengths and weaknesses, giving you more time to focus on strategizing and looking for other ways to improve your site’s rankings.

4. Historical data options

Another thing that I liked about Rank Tracker is that it lets you choose any date you want the current results to be compared with. It is helpful especially for clients who demand ranking reports from a definite period of time. This also gives you a quick view of your current rankings, as well as those from the past days or weeks – a must have, especially if you want to analyze your progress.

Historical Data

5. New UI (User-Interface)

Like what I always say whenever I’m reviewing tools, I always take the user-interface into consideration – and being able to use something without having to read manuals or watch guides and ‘how-to-use’ tutorials is a whopping bullseye for easy operation. I personally like the less cluttered and organized look and feel of Rank tracker’s new design.

One example would be the new convenient navigation. Remember before when you had to switch between different workspaces using the drop-down menu? Now, they are all visible and laid out in an organized table – you can even create and modify your own workspaces for each project you’re working on.

These are just five of the recent feature updates they had.

Like I mentioned earlier, the fact that they are persistently developing this tool is enough proof that they care and want nothing but the best for their users. Now, that’s the kind of tool we’re proudly bringing in the years to come.

To get this tool, download it here for free! Again, Rank Tracker is just part of SEO Power Suite – it’s a bundle of 4 powerful SEO tools which we professionally use. Try it for free or buy the 4-tool bundle (Pro version) for just $299!

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