Rank Tracker Update: Competitor Analysis and More Accurate Data

Rank Tracker Update: Competitor Analysis and More Accurate Data

SEO Powersuite’s Rank Tracker is already known to be one of the most reliable keyword tracking tools. It separates itself from other keyword tracking tools by providing data that others don’t offer. From the usual keyword rank tracking to ranking progressions, SERP analysis, integration of analytics and search console data, and keyword mapping, Rank Tracker is a proven tool that is worthy to be part of your arsenal of SEO tools.

Rank Tracker is not only known for its tracking features, but it also packs a powerful Keyword Research tool that SEOs should consider using. Twenty-three keyword research tools are integrated into it such as Google Ads Keyword Planner, Google Search Console, and Bing Related Search.

Recently, Rank Tracker’s built-in Keyword Research tool got an upgrade making it a better asset for SEOs. They’ve launched major data updates last year like their Backlink Index and Settings Sync. Now, with the recent update they launched, keyword research will be easier, much more detailed, and faster. Here’s a recap of their latest updates.

Server-Side Keyword Analysis Database

SEO Powersuite just launched their own Keyword Analysis Database in Rank Tracker. This allows users to get fresh keywords data from Google Ads without having to connect your own account. It gives you the exact number of a keyword’s search volume – no more rough estimates.

To make sure that users receive the latest data, their database is updated every 14 days. This allows users to make more accurate predictions and reports. To make sure you are using this data open Rank Tracker and go to Preferences and click on SEO/PPC Data. Make sure that under Google Ads Source, SEO PowerSuite Keyword Index is selected.

Server-Side Keyword Analysis Database

(This is only available for Professional and Enterprise license users. Visit SEO-Powersuite Rank Tracker to register.)

Keyword Gap Analysis

Getting a sniff of your competitor’s strategy and knowing what keywords they are targetting is an important SEO strategy and the new Keyword Gap Analysis lets you do just that. You plug in your competitor sites and it will show you keywords they are ranking for that you still aren’t.

Keyword Gap Analysis

The data is complete from the number of searches, cost per click for PPC, and estimated keyword difficulty. You could select keywords where your competitor is at the top 10, top 20, top 50, or top 100, and make priorities to the keywords you will target from there. You could filter it to show only keywords that have SERP features.

Filtered results for Keyword Gap Analysis

 The number of estimated searches are based on data of the previous 30 days and the default source of their data is Google Keyword Planner. It is also where they base how competitive a keyword is but you could customize it and change it to your preferred search engine under Preferences.

Competitor Auto-Suggest

One of the things I absolutely love about this update is that you can look for automatic suggestions on competitors based on your niche. It could lead up to new keywords to target and lead to more opportunities. To do that, under Preferences, then select Competitors, and click Suggest and Rank Tracker will automatically give you a list of websites that are in the same niche with you.

Competitor Auto-Suggest

What’s Coming: Topic Competitors and Organic Rankings for a Single page/backlink 

Aside from these recent updates, SEO Powersuite is working on more updates for Rank Tracker and their other tools. One of which is called Topic Competitors which will allow you to input any keywords you plan on targetting and see an overview of the search results for these keywords to give you a better idea of what content should you produce. This is to be released mid-July of 2019.

For the other update, it is to be released for SEO Powersuite’s WebSite Auditor and SEO SpyGlass. According to their announcement, you will be able to see the exact pages on your website that is gathering organic traffic and analyze backlinks for not only the potential link juice they could pass on but the potential referral traffic it could give you. There is no specific date yet on when they are going to release this.

Key Takeaway

These latest updates to SEO Powersuite’s Rank Tracker made it not only a great rank tracking tool but also a versatile keyword research tool. In my opinion, what makes Rank Tracker a great tool is the diversity of its data sources. Aside from their own database, they have data from not only Google but also other search engines like Bing and Yahoo.

Keyword research is a crucial process in SEO. This alone can define the direction of an SEO strategy for months. Having the exact, detailed, and accurate data is important. Stealing competitors’ keywords and monitoring their movement should be a part of any SEO strategy. Have you tried Rank Tracker’s latest update? Leave a comment below and let me know what you think of their latest improvements.

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