How To Keep Your Rankings When You “Get There”

You land your site on the top. Traffic is coming in. Things are going “silky smooth”. You feel like you’re on top of the world. You’ve made it. You “got there”. What’s next?

Webmaster’s Note: This is my Powerpoint deck on the SEO Summit 2015 conference. SEO Summit 2016 is still being finalized as of today but the date will be mid-June.

The next thing after perpetual search traffic is achieved is user engagement. Your site has to be able to deliver the promises you made in the search engine results page.

Website user engagement has a lot to do with the behavior and psychology of the individual. And if we’re going to be honest with ourselves, one of the best ways to engage users in a serious way is through Conversion Rate Optimization.

In this Powerpoint deck, I’ll take you through the process of CRO from pinpointing important pages in your site, recording existing data, identifying the leaks, formulating a hypothesis, validating your hypothesis, all the way to A/B testing.

It’s a very interesting process and I gave a case study about how we did CRO for Qeryz which is ironically a CRO SaaS tool – increasing signups by a huge margin.

The most interesting thing is we didn’t really do SEO for Qeryz. We just did CRO. And yet our keywords climbed higher and higher as time went by.

Check out the Powerpoint deck. It’s around 78 slides. Enjoy!

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