Search is still the biggest game in town

Ever tried horseback riding when you were younger and your bones could take the rough riding? I bet you have. Horses are a powerful means of transportation way back then. You usually ride one in order to go to a place you want to go.  The biggest horse is not necessarily the fastest but it’s definitely the bad-ass looking one. But just for this article let’s pretend that the biggest horse is also the fastest one. Okay? Okay.

If you have an online marketing team for your business, you know exactly how important search is in your game.  It is VITAL to be visible in the search engines. People who search are, as common sense would ever so blatantly tell you, looking for something. And if they are looking for something and that something is something that you have to offer, then obviously you want them to find you.

If you want your business to grow online, then you have to ride this big, bad-ass horse called search. It’s your fastest way to get there. Don’t believe me? Then take it from Matt McGee. His Search Marketing survey on retailers and search will tell you just how big this horse is. It’s not a long read, so I suggest you go through it and let yourself realize that YOU DO WANT that bad-ass horse after all. Oh and by the way, the horse’s trainer is named SEO.

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