Seminar Review: Digital Marketing Secrets

The Travel Facilitator’s Market seminar was the first of its kind here in the Philippines. It had a good run last July 5, 2013. I was privileged to be the main speaker for the event. I talked about “Digital Marketing Secrets Most Organizations Know Nothing About”.

Speaking at Crowne Plaza

The event was held at Crowne Plaza Hotel’s Ruby conference room. We had our own booth and we got to hand out a couple of cards to the attendees. The seminar was about both the travel industry and what technological advances were happening to further improve the travel experience for users and business establishments.

The deck was really meant for beginners – people who are in the travel industry but have little to no idea what SEO is about and why Social Media Marketing is important. The attendees were a broad spectrum – ranging from students, academes, business owners, travel agencies, digital marketing agencies, marketing teams, etc. It was a very interesting crowd.

My next talk will probably be around September or November this year. I’ll let you guys know.

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  • Jarry Simon

    This was really a fabulous seminar! Really appreciate the advise you’ve given there Sean. Kudos!

  • charles Leahy

    Looks very interesting! Cant wait for the next seminar! I have just finished my college course in the UK and am about to now start a 3 year degree in Digital & Social Media Marketing, which am hoping is going to be great fun!

    Keep up the good work and training!

  • Great job Sean! There are many who really unaware of this !