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Scribe promo is going to expire in 2 days time! If you haven’t read my page about SEO copywriting, then you most probably haven’t heard of the promo code that brings the $97 plan for only $27 a month.

It’s a great deal for your site to be optimized for search engine visibility through it’s article pages.

If you still have no idea what Scribe can do for you…

Then I suggest you go to the Scribe for WordPress demo video. Just click the link. It won’t bite. Promise.

SEO has never been this easy for bloggers! I admit that it’s not a magic wand that can make your articles number one in Google search results. But wouldn’t you like your articles to be the best they can be – both for your readers and for your readers-to-be through the search engines?

For us bloggers, we know how much time it consumes – from our inspiration, to our brainstorming, to our writing, reviewing, publishing and social network advertising. It is extremely time-consuming to publish even just one article.

If you’re an SEO blogger, you know that from extremely time-consuming, it becomes excruciatingly long when you add in SEO to the mix of your article. Well a lot of SEO bloggers (including me) and bloggers and copywriters alike have tried this tool and found it amazing!

It definitely, at the least, saves us a lot of time! And the plans and prices are definitely well-laid out, affordable and effective.

And Scribe isn’t limited to WordPress alone. Are you a Joomla user? Drupal perhaps? It’s up for grabs for these three platforms – and more to come!

Oh and by the way, if you’re wondering about the promo code, it’s PROMO27

Use it and save yourself $70. The promo expires in 2 days time so take advantage of this opportunity while it lasts!

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