SEO Holiday Checklist: Things You Need to do Before the Year Ends

SEO Holiday Checklist: Things You Need to do Before the Year Ends

The Holidays are about to arrive, which means it’s time to unwind, and spend some valuable time with your friends and family. Although it is nice to get a break, especially after busy months of working in your campaign, SEO does not take a break, as you have to keep your website active during the break.

It is best to prepare your website for the upcoming holiday season by having your own SEO Checklist. This must contain all of the tasks that you will need to accomplish to not only maintain your SEO campaign over the holidays, but also help you get prepared for the upcoming year as well. Here are some SEO tasks you would need to do before 2018 arrives.

Schedule your posts

Since the holidays mean that you would not be able to access your computer or devices as much as you would want to, your time will be more spent on the holidays. With this in mind, you would have to make sure that you would still be able to post new content while you’re still away. To help me do this, me and my team uses tools like Onlywire, PushCrew, and Socialoomph to queue our posts, and have them posted on a later date. This will ensure that your website still has new content posted to keep the traffic rolling on your site.

Add some holiday flair to your content

Add some holiday flair to your content

Since it’s the holiday season, expect most websites to add some holiday spirit by adding some colorful graphics and layouts that fit the occasion. There are many holiday-themed graphics and themes that you can choose from, and it will make your website look cheerful and festive for a short period of time.

Along with the visuals, you can also create some holiday-themed content to match. For example, you can add some clever holiday references in your blog post to change the mood, or write a holiday-inspired post altogether. The holidays are a time for celebration and merriment, and having content that match would help set the mood.

Use the Holidays as a time to look back

As the year is about to end, you can use the holidays as a time to look back and see the progress of your SEO and linkbuilding campaigns. With most of the year done, you can see the analytics and metrics to see the performance of your website. This would also help you in your year-end report and evaluation, and assess what new strategies and techniques you can use for the next year.

Do some holiday keyword research

Before going into the holidays, one task that you should be doing is to do some keyword research, and see which ones are searched a lot during the season. This would help you get some much-needed search traffic to your site, which is a welcome sight, as the holiday season may be a slow time for most websites.

Get ready for the next year

Get ready for the next year

Now that you have all of your keywords and content ready, you can now prepare all your strategies and techniques for the next year. You can also look into the SEO trends for 2018, and see what you should focus on to improve your rankings. There are many new trends for SEO in the next year, like the increased focus on Accelerated Mobile Pages and such, which is why it would benefit you to do some research to keep you up to speed on the latest SEO news.

Key Takeaway

The holidays are a wonderful season of joy and giving, but it is always important to keep your website active during the season itself. With these tasks, you are guaranteed that you are prepared for the next year and beyond, and make sure that you have a wonderful holiday.

If you have any questions or inquiries about SEO and linkbuilding strategies and techniques, leave a comment below, and let’s talk.

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