SEO in 2 simple terms

Two tips in SEO

SEO is such a wide topic. You can type in ‘SEO’ in the internet and get endless results. It’s an emerging trend and a lot of information can be confusing. I lay out SEO in simple terms in this post. What is SEO in simple terms?

SEO is helping the search engine find you
SEO is making your site more visible and transparent to the search engines. It’s true that Google has a page rank system (similar to a point system in which they add and deduct points from you) but that is secondary. The primary goal of SEO should be connecting your site to the search engine.

SEO is helping people find you in the search engine
Web 2.0 has made everything in the web more personal. People don’t want to look hard for your site. People don’t want to go out of themselves in order to find information. They want it quick, 1-2-3 boom! SEO makes it possible by making your site more direct and focused on certain keywords that people would most probably go looking for when they want information provided by your site.

Basically those are the very existence of SEO. That’s the simplest it could get.

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