SEO Philippines: Google Freshness Algorithm Experiment

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Okay so I posted an entry last night (14 hours ago) about SEO Philippines. The post was entitled ‘SEO Philippines‘ and had a good number of ‘SEO Philippines’ keyphrase inside the body of the content. I did this mainly for three reasons:

  1. I was experimenting on how high I can rank for the term SEO Philippines
  2. I wanted to contribute to the Philippine SEO Community
  3. I wanted to let my readers know about great Filipino SEO specialists out there

Of course, I wasn’t targeting to rank for the term SEO Philippines in – I was targeting to rank on as a playing field. I wanted to see how far I was gonna get with the keyphrase SEO Philippines – knowing that there was quite a competition for the term. It’s not really a keyphrase that attracts a lot of searches, but I was trying to experiment on it due to the fact that some of the websites that are ranking on first page have already been there for a while – and I wanted to check out how big of a factor the new ‘Freshness Algorithm’ is.

Turns out the new Freshness Algorithm is a winner. I got to first page (9th place) within 14 hours of publishing my entry. And I’m hoping it goes up some more before 24 hours has elapsed.

SEO Philippines SERP

Freshness Algorithm

I was playing with the Freshness Algorithm since Yahoo Site Explorer shut down. I immediately tried to compile a resource article that provides all the good, mediocre, and ‘bad’ alternatives to Yahoo Site Explorer in hopes of being one of the firsts to publish it with the keywords ‘Yahoo Site Explorer Alternatives‘. I was sure this keyphrase is going to get a lot of hits.

Unfortunately, I was already 5 days too late!

A lot of better-known SEO news sites beat me to it. I wasn’t hoping to get to first page no more.

The moment I hit the publish button, Google put me in 6th page on the SERPs. Minutes, I was in 4th page. An hour or two later, I got to second page. By this rate I was already satisfied – 2nd page wasn’t so bad considering I was 5 days late on the news. Around 8 hours later, I was surprised to know that I was in first page – first place! Sad I didn’t take a screenshot – you’d have to take my word for it.

A couple of days later, another SEO news site put up his own version of Yahoo Site Explorer alternatives. And up til now, he owns top spot.

Yahoo Site Explorer Alternative SERP

Just goes to show that the updated Freshness Algorithm might be more powerful than we think.

I also did this for the keyphrase ‘Yahoo Site Explorer Replacement‘ and again, I got to top spot – proving that the Freshness Algorithm can be a very powerful factor. The model behind the new Freshness algorithm is based on Google’s Query Deserves Freshness and it is claimed to be triggered by factors such as Tweets and Retweets, query volume / search volume, and query hotness / trending to name a few.

The most important thing about Query Deserves Freshness (QDF) is to get the timing right – and hope that the next site who publishes after you doesn’t have too much authority in that niche.

Tips for Keeps: I think a great tactic you can employ for the effectivity of the Freshness Algorithm is to build links after you get top spot so that you retain it. Perhaps you can include an infograph in the next entry which you’re rooting for to ‘make it to the top’.

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  • Hi Sean,

    I tried to search the term “SEO Philippines” using Firefox, and I really saw your entry in the 3rd place. But then, I tried to use IE7 and I can’t find your entry anymore.. I am using different Google Accounts on different browsers, could that possibly affect the search results?

    • Hi MFuentes,
      I don’t really know. I don’t think that the browsers do affect them unless you’re logged in to one and not the other?

  • I searched for “SEO Philippines” and your link appeared on 2nd page

    • Hey Chris,
      I guess it’s still fluctuating. What country are you searching from?

  • wow congrats Sean, pang #12 ka .. Scroogle ginamit ko pang check para di ako dayain sa SERP ni google.

    • Thanks Glenn, but it sucks to be on the 12th place lol. It just shows that exact match anchor text can really boost up your ranks. I’m not really into the keyword ‘SEO Philippines’ though – I’m more of a teaching blog than anything else.

  • mark

    do you use seo tools and software’s ? of just plain use of google’s algorithm?

    • Hi Mark,
      Of course I use SEO tools and softwares – on top of my knowledge of Google’s Algorithm

  • mark

    does it need to have money first to learn seo? or can i learn it first the basics in your site? because i want to promote my blog

    • No – you can learn it all by yourself without spending as long as you know your resources. And do some trial and error testing for yourself.

  • I also benefited from this “fresh content” boost by Google. Heck, I even ranked #1 for keywords I am not trying to rank for! But after a while, the effects do pass out. I think a bit of linkbuilding / social bookmarking will help keep the post / page on top, but i haven’t tried it yet. Glad to know that a lot of young Filipino SEOs are on the rise =)

  • Anon

    At the end of the day, it all comes down to providing visitors with quality content that is fresh and updated. That should never contradict SEO

  • Today I checked your SERP for the keyword you mentioned, “Yahoo Site Explorer Replacement” and your post from December 2011 is nr. 2 – the first spot is deserved for an article posted 5 days ago. So it would seem that freshness is very important. Thank you for this experiment.

    • Yeap freshness is really very important :) However, you can check it again perhaps a week from now and if that article don’t receive more links than i do, it will rank down and I’ll be back at top spot :)

  • Ben

    Hey Hacker,

    Could you tell me how you think this will effect the long-tail?

    Giant Robot and I had a conversation about his long tail this morning. This seems to speak to that.

    If you already answered that I apologize I did not read all of the responses.


    • Hi Ben,
      I don’t quite get your question. Can you be more specific and clear?


  • Ben

    Hi Sean,

    It’s ok; I posted that question on-line during the Google Penguin updates a few weeks ago in hopes of a conversation. The question, I believe, was ultimately answered; however, I can clarify a little for you. Keep in mind the issue was a little bigger then I think could be answered on a forum.

    The Problem was referring to some longtail SEO dropping in Google, but not Bing, Yahoo or Ask over night.

    I sent him an article on unnatural link warnings and over-optimisation that could be effected by the Penguin updates at the time (crazy Penguin guy). I thought that your experiment on freshness might help explain some of the reasons the other search engine sites were not effected.

    We did not go into great detail but… I think that he worked it out. Sometime a fresh perspective helps, especially during that time.

    Thanks for getting back to me. Good article. Take care.