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SEO Rank Monitor

As a marketing specialist my goal is to (of course) market our SEO company, SEO-Hacker. Part of that is to monitor results of all the efforts we do to better rank on Google and other search engines, and I can only do that much easily if there’s a tool to support me.

For the past year we’ve been testing out tools that help us generate reports either for our own websites or client’s sites. Today, I got the privilege to try a new tool – technically it’s not new since it’s been available for five years already, but they just launched its 2.0 version which only improves this tool.

This article is a review of SEO Rank Monitor.


1. Accurate ranking results

Who doesn’t like an accurate report? The very reason that we use tool is to get the right data without having to do manual checking on search engines.

The good thing about this tool is that it gives you accurate ranking results for specific keyword or keyword groups.

Keyword Report

2. Track ranking from different search engines and locations

It enables you to track your rankings on different search engines and locations. It allows users to check their position for three search engines in one result (per campaign), meaning that you don’t have to change your settings whenever you need to see your rankings from other engines.

Search Engines

3. Check ranking change between two dates

Two DatesI think this is the best part of this tool because it allows you to check your performance between two dates, plus it also gives you a colourful chart of rankings overview, your top 10 best-performing keywords, and website stats: PageRank, Alexa, and sites speed both for desktop and mobile.

Note: The tool only show the last “complete” day which means you’ll have to manually switch to another date on the first day to see results.


4. Mobile ranking data

As I mentioned on number 3, you can check your sites speed for mobile browser, but not only that, this tool also generates reports for mobile the way it does with desktop. In fact you can actually access this tool using mobile phone because of its responsive design.

Mobile Ranking

Noticed the mobile icon? You can just click that button to check your rankings for mobile. It’s already there! Easy right?

5. User-friendly interface

Not only is its design responsive, it also has a very user-friendly interface that lets you navigate with the tool easily. I also like the fact that every part of it has labels (some even have icons, like the mobile icon that I just mentioned) which helps user better read, understand and share data. Even the colours they used are pleasing to the eye.


6. Spy on your competitors

Another thing that I like about this tool is that it gives you the chance to get a comparison report between your competitors – what their rankings are for certain keywords and historical date of a specific keyword.
You can track your competitors’ performance on different search engines both for mobile and desktop. With this feature you can avoid their mistakes and focus only on improving your site.


7. Easy report for clients

You can easily export reports in PDF, excel and CSV file, or share it directly to your clients using a generated URL. Soon, you’ll be able to set up email reports to be sent automatically daily, weekly or monthly – this is something that they’re still working right now.



1. It takes a while to pull data. It took me 20 hours before I got a full data results the first time I created a campaign. Take note that reports are not always generated after 20 hours, it usually happens on the first time you create a campaign, it also depends on number of keywords, competitors and internet connection.

2. No tutorial. If you don’t know how to explore and navigate with tools, or if it’s your first time ever using a tool, you might have hard time with this.

3. There’s a limit of keywords depending on the plan.

Conclusion and additional note

There is a getting started area on the FAQ page, the SEO Rank Monitor team will add (video) instructions soon, so you should watch out for that!

Overall, this is another great tool that you should try to better monitor your sites performance. You can check SEO Rank Monitor for free, they have a 14-day free trial, or check its pricing.

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