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SEO Summit 2014

So yeah it’s our first time ever to try and organize an event. I realize it’s pretty costly – monetary and time wise. Things can get pretty out of hand pretty quickly. But this is something that we just can’t pass up! So here are the details and reasons why you should attend the SEO Summit 2014.

When is SEO Summit 2014?

June 21, 2014 (Saturday) from 8:00am to 5:00pm. Click here to see the schedule of events.

Where is SEO Summit 2014?

The Alpha Tents, Alphaland Southgate Mall – located at the corner of EDSA and Pasong Tamo. You can ride the MRT to Magallanes station – it is directly connected to the mall.

Alpha Land Southgate Mall Location

Why SEO Summit 2014?

I’ve been in SEO seminars and events before. Hell, I’ve talked in more than a number of them. And you know what I realize?

At the end of the day, everyone’s just sitting there with their eyes drooping and their thoughts up in the clouds. Almost nobody is connecting with the speaker and almost nobody is able to take home something new.


There are a number of reasons:

1) The speaker is freakin’ awesome with his SEO knowledge and skill but is completely crap in public speaking

2) There are so many speakers that you’ll have to cram all those info down your throat – leaving you grasping which is which

3) Crap PowerPoint decks with crappy design

4) You don’t know the speaker and there is not much credential there but this guy’s speaking up front anyway

5) Because of reason 1, 2, 3 and 4 you don’t want to listen anymore and look forward to the networking part – which makes you even less engaged

So we went ahead and formulated a solution against all these. And here’s what we’ve come up with.

Who is Speaking at SEO Summit 2014?

There is arguably little to no reason why you should pass up on the speakers in SEO Summit 2014. My co-speakers are the most renown SEO personalities in the Philippine SEO scene. And if you’re one of those people who live under a rock, here’s who they are:

Jason Acidre

Jason Acidre Speaks

Blogger and strategist of Kaiserthesage, he is one of the most popular SEO personalities in the Philippines and abroad. He’s been featured in popular SEO blogs such as Moz, Search Engine Journal, Technorati, Kissmetrics, Search Engine Watch, and so on and so forth.

He’s a guy I’ve personally worked with and I can attest to his freak of an SEO brain when formulating linkbuilding strategies. You won’t want to miss his talk.

Note: Even though he has not personally revealed the topic of his talk, I assume it’s within the field of link development and outreach.

Benj Arriola

Benj Arriola Speaks

Benj is a guy that all Filipino SEO specialists look up to. He’s out there surfing the web and saving confused and starting SEO specialists who have the guts to post their questions (whether newb or otherwise) in forums and Facebook groups. He’s also the Vice President for SEO at Internet Marketing Inc.

This guy has lots of love in the Philippine SEO scene. And he’s coming home (from the US of A) to be able to speak in this event.

Note: Benj personally mentioned that his talk would comprise of technical SEO and it would go somewhat with a theme of “A web developers SEO journey from blackhat to grayhat to whitehat.”

Sean Si

Sean Si Speaks

Of course last but (hopefully) not the least is me 🙂

I’m going to speak about “I’m not doing SEO” – SEO Hacker’s Secret to its Growing Brand. I’ll also be introducing our new SEO Hacker series on our journey to $50k a month.

Note: If you want to know what I’ll be talking about in the SEO Summit 2014, click here.

Just Three Speakers?


I’m tired of going to SEO seminars and finding out that there are more than 5 speakers. People can only absorb so much so as to apply it when they get home.

And I made sure that the speakers are cherry-picked.

All three of us have had ample speaking experience and a level of presentation showmanship so we’ll be sure to deliver an awesome performance as we give our respective talks.

How do I register for SEO Summit 2014?

Before you register, I want you to know that SEO Summit 2014 is for a cause. We are giving all the proceeds to the poverty-stricken children of Timoteo Paez Elementary school.

These children are from the population of Smokey mountain. They are hardworking children who are striving hard for their own education and future.

SEO Hacker partnered up with JCI Manila to do something to help them achieve their life goals.

If you are interested in the speakers, the topics, the networking, or simply in helping out the poverty-stricken elementary students of Timoteo Paez school, please register here. Ticket price is at 2,500php which includes buffet lunch and merienda.

Slots are limited to 350 only since we have a table and chair set-up for laptops.

Register for SEO Summit 2014

Wifi will be included – but for best internet browsing experience, please do bring your own mobile data or mobile wifi device.

3 Simple Ways to Pay:

1) Via Bank deposit or transfer (BPI Savings) – please send us the deposit slip through the form in our Registration page when you pay via bank deposit.

2) Paypal

3) Credit Card (via Paypal)

Rest assured we receive all payments through the payment methods in our Registration page.

Is SEO Summit going to be repeated next year?


We are already scouting for the speaker line-up for next year. Who knows? I may just be the host of the event and we’ll have a whole new lineup. Before I take on a speaker for the event, I make sure of two things:

1) They practice what they preach in SEO and they rank for their own keywords

2) They know how to talk and present their ideas well

Think you’ve got what it takes?

Shoot me an email. Invite me to a talk you are giving soon.

I’ll be sure to attend and listen and decide from there.


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