Social Media Marketing Philippines

Social Media Marketing Philippines

A new decade has just begun and we here at SEO Hacker believe that there is no better time than now to adopt a new way to market your brand online. Sure, SEO is still awesome, but now that the practice has become really popular in the country, competition is becoming stiff. I really don’t mind a little competition. In fact, I welcome it. However, I am always focused on getting the best results for my clients. Period. It is for this reason why I am going to tell you about social media marketing services in the Philippines.

Social media marketing is another method of digital marketing wherein you try to build your brand, increase sales, and drive site traffic by connecting with your audience on social media. Whether you are planning to promote your product or service or simply trying to update people on what your organization or company is up to — all these things and more are possible when you do social media marketing or SMM. 

Consider it as your newest weapon in the digital marketing arsenal (if you aren’t already doing it, that is) that can complement your other marketing endeavors like SEO. Before we get too technical here, there is something you must know about social media marketing services in the Philippines.


Social Networking is the Most Popular Online Activity in the Philippines 

If you weren’t already aware, the Philippines is considered to be the “social media capital of the world”. There are an estimated 76 million social media users in the Philippines. Aside from that, the country has been topping global charts when it comes to time spent using social media — 4 hours and 12 minutes, for about a couple of years now. If you compare it to the global average of 2 hours and 16 minutes, you can get a grasp as to how big social media marketing services in the Philippines can be. 

Doing Social Media Marketing in the Philippines is Critical to Digital Marketing Success

With the reach that social media has in this day and age, and the aforementioned significance it has in the country, any sort of enterprise that is looking to build a strong online presence has much to gain from adding social media marketing to their digital marketing strategy. Think about it, your brand can have the potential of reaching 76 million people in this country alone! With an already successful SEO campaign, the potential traffic and eventual conversions that you are going to gain are almost too good to turn down. In fact, there are companies that are becoming aware of this and a lot of them happen to be SEO Hacker clients.


SEO Hacker Social Media Clients

SEO Hacker Social Media Clients

Here are some of our clients that have already started reaping the benefits of conducting social media marketing services in the Philippines:

  • Hanabishi 
  • Topbest Pest Control 
  • Royal Canin
  • Asialink 
  • Toyota Quezon Ave 
  • Alcoline
  • Roberts 

Our social media marketing services, as you would come to understand, are holistic in nature and revolve around the effective use of major social media platforms. The clients mentioned above are happy with the results they are getting, but if you are still not convinced, keep on reading because there is much more to know about SMM.


The Best Part is that SMM Synergizes with SEO!

SMM Synergizes with SEO

If you know me, then you would know that (despite SEO in the Philippines being my main trade) I am always exploring different approaches to digital or online marketing. One thing that I have learned in all 10 years of doing this is that there is not a single strategy or method that is better than the rest of them. 

In fact, it would be ideal if you can do all the known methods of digital marketing at the same time! Whether it’s organic or paid, or a combination of the ‘big three’ (i.e. SEO, SEM, and SMM) — the more digital marketing strategies you are employing, the better it will be for your online visibility. 

To help you understand why, I urge you to take the time and think about how vast the internet and the world wide web are. There are around 4.6 billion web pages on the searchable web, and this is a number that will only continue to grow as more sites are created. Just think about how many websites you are going to have to compete with for online visibility. Another thing you have to consider in relation to that is the size of the digital market. Just like the web, the digital market is huge, diverse, and in a constant state of growth and development. Using just one or two methods of digital marketing is equivalent to having just one or two weapons in the fight for online supremacy. The side with better, more diverse firepower will have a reasonably better chance at winning. 

Put simply, the more methods you employ over your competitors, the bigger your online presence will be, leading to some sweet conversions. Tying it back to social media marketing, the best part about it is that it actually synergizes with SEO! Having a firm presence on all the popular social media platforms will naturally give you an opportunity to share content and increase traffic to your site. It makes your SEO efforts more efficient as well. 


Our Social Media Marketing Services

Our Social Media Marketing Services

Now that you understand why you should be getting into social media marketing as soon as you possibly can, it is time to get into the specifics. You’re probably wondering, “What makes for a good social media strategy anyway?” The answer that I have in mind has to do with the word ‘comprehensive’. 

A comprehensive approach to social media marketing would entail having a presence in the major social media platforms, paying close attention to important metrics, and analyzing gathered data for the purpose of improving the social media marketing strategies that are already being employed. 

Adopting this comprehensive approach is just half the job done, however. We know that you’re aiming for results. Excellent results, that is, and excellent results we deliver. If you’re still having doubts about the effectiveness of the strategies employed in our comprehensive social media marketing services, take a look at the data below. 



These figures are no joke. They’re the result of countless hours of strategizing and experimenting with the most efficient methods to boost social media engagement across all our dedicated clients who maintain a robust online presence.

A lot of these things are at the heart of what we do at SEO Hacker. We try our best every single day to make the services that we offer as comprehensive as possible for all our clients. That being said, you might be interested in looking at our comprehensive social media marketing service and process.


The SEO Hacker Social Media Marketing Package

The SEO Hacker SMM package can be your best way of conducting social media marketing services here in the Philippines. As mentioned above, the Philippines is second to none when it comes to social media and social networking, which makes this service potentially the best way you can get your enterprise known locally!

Our package has been tailored carefully to include the most popular social media sites in the country, each with its own specific services that will help your brand reach the far corners of the social media world. 


As the world’s most popular social media and networking site, establishing your brand on Facebook is a given in any form of social media marketing. Oh, and remember the 76 million social media users in the Philippines? 75 million of them are on Facebook. That being said, here is a list of what we can do for you:

  • Facebook page or group creation with consistent status updates, interactions, and account monitoring. 
  • Full integration with other social media accounts like Twitter as well as the company website. 
  • Facebook ads campaign management, which includes campaign innovation and proposals, target market research, Pay Per Click costing, budget management, and an analytics report.



Twitter is another social media platform heavyweight that businesses and enterprises have a lot to benefit from. It is notable for being the main platform where people around the world share their honest opinions and views about anything and everything under the sun. 

Here’s what our SMM package includes:

  • Twitter profile account creation, customization, and general monitoring
  • Consistent and relevant Twitter status updates
  • Tweet recursion
  • Integration with other social media accounts and company website


Social media brand monitoring

This service can be considered as a general set of processes that is applied to all the platforms in which we make our marketing moves in. Here is a short breakdown of what it will entail:

  • Brand Listening – the monitoring and analysis of customer feedback and direct mentions of your brand across all platforms.  
  • Behavior Measurement – predicting user behavior through their social media activities. 
  • Demographic Listening – this helps businesses understand what specific kind of people they are able to connect with  
  • Outbound Content Tracking – analysis of what pages customers visit after clicking on an outbound link on a website.

As you can see, our SMM package is comprehensive and helps you establish a commanding presence online from start to finish. The clients that were mentioned above are experiencing huge returns because of this social media marketing strategy. 

If you want to experience the same kind of success, then let us know by clicking here. I’ll be glad to give you an explanation of what social media marketing can do for you and how working with us can help you reach the top spot. 


The Future of Social Media Marketing in the Philippines

It is quite exciting, yet weird to think about the future of social media marketing services in the Philippines. After all, the decade has just begun and there is already so much to do in the digital marketing world. Similar to my expectations with SEO just as it was starting to blow up, I also expect other providers of digital marketing services to realize the true value of SMM and step up their efforts as well. 

If you are interested in seeing what social media marketing can do for your brand, then why not work with us at SEO Hacker? We can get you the results that you deserve. 

Thank you for reading, and as always, God bless!