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Must-have attributes of SEO practitioners

As I’ve mentioned in my earlier entries in this blog, not all SEO practitioners and specialists are the same. There are different kinds of SEO talents around but there are some things that must be present in each and every SEO specialist. And you have to have these attributes to be exceptional in the highly competitive and unpredictable field of SEO.


You gotta have these attributes

Fast and independent learner

SEO is not a joke and we all know that the updates and changes that happen with Google and the internet is the only thing that’s constant in the online world. The changes are rapid and the changes are many. For one week you have a personal search feature and then you have Google caffeine on the next.

It is an unpredictable stage of competition – and if you’re not a fast nor an independent learner then you’re gonna get left behind. And getting left behind is almost equivalent to losing the game of SEO.

True, not all SEO’s are self-taught – but almost all have their own personal learnings and techniques. And so the most successful and competitive SEO specialists always makes sure that they are up-to-date with the latest changes in their target search engines, social networks, and other SEO tools that they can utilize their skills on.