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What You Need to Know about Guest Posts in 2020

What You Need to Know about Guest Posts in 2020_Cover Photo

Guest posts are often an essential part of any SEOs link building strategy. Aside from contributing and establishing a connection with other webmasters, it enables us to improve awareness of our brand (depending on the content we write) and naturally gain a link back to our website. Even though guest posting is one of the well-known, quality link building tactics, as the years went by Google started to lay down rules and guidelines regarding proper implementation of guest posts that still hold up to today. So, here’s what you need to know about guest posts this 2020 here!


SEO Hacker’s Guest Blogging Guide for 2019

SEO Hacker's Guest Blogging Guide for 2018

Guest blogging is one of the fundamentals of effective content marketing and link building strategy. If you have a website that is looking to get more traffic, starting out by guest blogging is usually one of the best ways to go. This helps expand your online presence, promote useful content, and establish quality and authoritative links.