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Tag: Broad Core Update

How to Recover From Google’s Broad Core Algorithm Updates

A few weeks has passed since Google rolled out their latest broad core algorithm update. Articles have circulated that highlighted the ones that experienced massive wins and other sites that experienced the opposite. The prevailing factor that I see whenever Google rolls out broad core algorithm updates are questions such as “how do I fix […]

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Google Announces Broad Core Algorithm: June 2019 Update

In a rare move by Google, they pre-announced a broad core algorithm update over the weekend via their Google SearchLiaison Twitter account. This is a bold improvement for SEO specialists who are usually kept in the dark about these matters, only to see the effects once it drastically affects them in a negative or positive […]

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Google Launches March 2019 Broad Core Algorithm Update

Over the past few weeks, numerous SEOs have speculated that Google might have launched unannounced algorithm updates, especially during the early part of March. While ranking fluctuations were present, it wasn’t until Google’s latest announcement that confirms that there indeed was a major algorithm update.

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