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Why SEO is Important for Businesses

Why You Need SEO: Value, Growth, and Strategy

The immense value of SEO for businesses has always been something that most companies and brands have accepted. The question “Is SEO a necessity for our business?” however, remains in the hearts of owners and executives. I am here to tell you that it is indeed needed, and it could even help your business grow to new heights.


Five Business Lessons From Fiverr

If you still haven’t heard of it, Fiverr (on Fiverr.com) is actually a virtual marketplace of services and goods where anyone can make or take jobs for the price of just $5. The idea (the business more of) became an instant hit the moment it launched. Hoards of people wanting to get things done for a measly price of just 5 bucks flooded the site. And because there’s too many people willing to pour out cash, so did those who are actually willing to do those jobs for a quick cash.


Keys to Using Effective Testimonials

Sale TestimonialInternet marketing in reality is simply people marketing- it’s just a different avenue. Of course there are many big differences between both online and offline marketing, though if you get the essence of it, the same rules still apply. It’s still all about the people and making them want your product.

So how do you really pull in buyers? Among other things, you need a strong testimonial base.


How to Take Care of Your Big Idea

big ideasIt’s the most thrilling thing in the world. Remember the time when the ‘big idea’ hit you? It sends chills down your spine and makes you want to jump in excitement. It won’t put you to sleep (and sometimes you end up over-thinking and over-planning about it). Yup. It’s definitely a Eureka moment.