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Tag: Competitor Analysis

The Best Competitor Keyword Analysis Guide

Competitors are a big part of the SEO industry. It’s a zero-sum game where one wins, another loses. This is why SEOs and webmasters need to keep up with the times and adapt to any situation. Aside from resources, we can find from authoritative sources, one of the best locations for us to find effective […]

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The Complete SEO Competitor Analysis Checklist

We all know that the goal of SEO is to get to the top of Google’s search results so you focus on optimizing your website as much as you can. But what people tend to look at times is that before you get to the top, you need to fight against 10  or more other […]

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SEO Competitive Analysis is one of the things that you should keep in mind when monitoring your efforts for a client. After all, it would be hard to prescribe optimization to a website when you don’t know who you are stacking up against, right? I can also say the same about social media marketing, which […]

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How to use your Competitor’s Dead Pages Against Them

SEO has become an increasingly competitive industry where you can be on top in one day, and quickly fall in the next if you’re not careful. Having the right strategy and winning formula counts if you want to overcome your competitors. Analyzing the competition has become a standard approach when it comes to formulating the […]

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How to Brainstorm New Content Ideas In a Hurry

Every now and then, there would be times that you might run out of ideas for new content. This can happen to any of us, and it tends to be troublesome, especially when you’re on a tight publishing schedule. This makes content marketing one of the toughest parts of our job, as keeping relevant and […]

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Game On: The Best SEO Strategies for Gaming Sites

Video games have become one of the most popular forms of media over the past few decades, with videogame consoles becoming a household staple. One of the factors that affected its rapid growth was the emergence of the internet. In fact, gaming searches account for a good amount of search queries on a regular basis. […]

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SEO Hacker Guide to Google Trends

When it comes to SEO tools, we at SEO Hacker make sure that we have the best ones available. This allows us to be able to accomplish our tasks more efficiently, and implement some of our best SEO practices and strategies. Some of these tools include,, Omniconvert, and Cognitive SEO. For people who […]

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