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All You Need to Know About Trailing Slash in SEO

All You Need to Know about Trailing Slash in SEO

Most webmasters and SEOs already know the existence of slashes in URLs, but what they don’t know is that these (trailing) slashes, or otherwise known as a forward slash, can be disastrous if not managed properly. 

A trailing slash in a website’s URL is a common occurrence; especially for websites that have numerous pages. But should webmasters always include trailing slashes in their URLs? What are the implications of trailing slashes at the end of URLs have on SEO? How do search engines understand trailing slashes in our URLs? All of these questions will be answered here.


001_cover_Why You Need a Responsive Web Design for Your SEO

How Responsive Web Design Affects Your SEO

Modern society has shifted from a computer/desktop focused landscape to a place where the mobile platform dominates a majority of the online industry. 

It has only been a year since Google announced that they are moving to a more mobile-focused indexing, and the SEO landscape has never been the same. That announcement only necessitated the incorporation of a responsive web design to an SEO’s mobile website because having a responsive web design affects your SEO through positive user behavior signals.