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Google Announcement: E-commerce Best Practices Guide

Google E-commerce Best Practices Guide

With brick-and-mortar businesses moving online and new online businesses popping up to survive the pandemic, plenty of people are facing the challenge of becoming relevant and discoverable in search results especially as competition is getting tighter and tighter. Businesses that aren’t discoverable will have trouble connecting and building relationships with their customers, and that in turn will result in low to no conversions and no profit.


A Guide To Product Page SEO

Product Page SEO

If you’re looking to start selling your products online, product page SEO should be an important part of your strategy. While in brick and mortar stores customers can physically handle and inspect products at close range, they aren’t afforded the same luxury in online stores. At the same time, coming across a store isn’t as simple online as it is in real life.


Dropshipping SEO Tips for Beginners

dropshipping SEO tips for beginners

Dropshipping has been on the rise for the past few years as it gave people the opportunity to start their own businesses without paying huge upfront costs and their own inventory. The process is quite simple, you look for a dropshipping supplier, you create an e-commerce website where people could place orders, you send the details to the dropshipping supplier, and they fulfill the order.

Sounds easy enough right? The problem is, simply starting your own website will not get you any sales. You need to put in some elbow grease to get visitors to your websites. How do you do that? Well, these tips I will be sharing can help you out.


Content Marketing Tips for E-commerce Sites

Ecommerce Cart

Several tactics had evolved in the past few years that enhance every phase in a content marketing process. They make every task much easier and quicker but still yielding the same or even better results. And the most effective content marketing tactics for e-commerce sites are the overlooked techniques which, if properly utilized, can greatly affect the conversion goals targeted by the campaign.