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Link Building Email Mistakes You Might Be Sending To Webmasters

Why Are Webmasters Ignoring Your Emails?

“Here is how to get 100% email open rate with a 100% response rate for your link building outreach email” – said no one ever. That’s because it is getting more and more difficult to even have webmasters open your outreach emails.

Here’s the thing – sending link building outreach emails is not just about blasting out to thousands of webmasters with the hope of at least 10% of them awarding your hard work with a link. The game of link building is not just about the numbers. It is also about the individual webmaster you are trying to close a link for.

You might use up the majority of your time prospecting websites and crafting emails when you’re working on outreach campaigns. And although these take a lot of effort to do, they’re not always the key to winning over webmasters.


Email Outreach Tips: How to Increase Your Open and Response Rates

email outreach tips

If you really want to get high-quality links for your website, I’ve got some good news and bad news for you. The good news: email outreach is going to be one of your best friends. The bad news is, it’s a long and painful experience. 

Email outreach takes a lot of work and patience. That’s the main reason why people started thinking that email outreach does not work anymore but yes, it still does and it is one of the few methods in today’s link building that is legitimate and can boost your rankings.


Spam Emails

Stop Smelling Like Spam: Effective SEO Outreach

Spam Emails

For link builders and SEOs, nothing is more frustrating than sending out emails only to sit idly by and twiddle our thumbs while shooting off the odd follow up email every so often. We have no way of knowing if our fragile bytes of text found their way into a comforting inbox just waiting to be opened like a present in December, or if they are experiencing a baptism by fire and duking it out with free online gambling ads and prescription medication in the spam folder.