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How to Use HTML Header Tags (with Google’s Advice)


It’s been a longstanding debate in the community whether HTML header tags or h1, h2, h3, etc, still retain their importance as ranking factors up to this day and age. Some SEOs say that HTML header tags are not important – it’s fine if they do not contain the keyword your body of content wants to rank for. Meanwhile, other SEOs say the opposite that the header tags – h1, at the very least – should contain the keyword you want to rank for. 

In a recent Webmasters hangout, a webmaster posed this exact question to John Mueller. Did his answer shed light on the best practices for HTML header tags? Let’s find out. 


Myth Busted: Site Traffic a Ranking Factor?

Cover Photo - Is Site Traffic a Ranking Factor

Site traffic being a ranking factor is what most SEO beginners and some intermediate SEOs believe to be true. I can’t blame them since I even believed it when I was just starting in SEO. But what’s the truth? Does site traffic not affect our site’s rankings as Google says? Or is there something deeper at play? Let’s find out.

Official Google Advice on Core Update Recovery

Cover Photo - Official Google Advice on Core Update Recovery

Recent core updates, both small and large, have made SEOs clamor for a solution or a fix to the negative effects of the update to their websites. Different theories and hypotheses have been rampant in the SEO industry on how to properly “fix” a website that has been hit by the core updates. This led to Google repeatedly stating that there are no fixes to websites that have been hit by the core updates. But recently, they gave advice on how your site can recover from the core update. Let’s find out.