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Everything You Should Know About E-A-T

What you should know about E-A-T

Expertise, Authority, and Trust, or better known as E-A-T is now a famous standard that SEOs try to follow. Two of the biggest algorithm updates from the past year gave more attention to E-A-T, the Medic Update on August 2018 and the Google June Broad Core Update on June 2019.

Many of the websites that were hit were said to have low E-A-T. When asked how can they recover, you’ll probably get the same answer from experts and even from Google’s Search Liaison Danny Sullivan over and over again.


How to Boost Your Author Reputation for Google’s E-A-T Standards

Cover Photo How To Boost Your Author Reputation For Google

As the common saying goes, content is king on SEO. Being one of the main sources of driving traffic into a website, great content can help you a long way in establishing your online presence and branding. However, there are times that you may have invested your time on writing great content, only to see it barely gaining any traffic.