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A week into Google’s May 2020 Core Update

A Week Into Google

Before the May 2020 Broad Core Update was released, there have been talks about it among the SEO community. “Surely Google would not release an update during this time,” but lo and behold they have announced it on the 5th of May that left some of us dumbfounded on the results that they have received. The announcement has kept us on our toes as most updates go, they usually roll out during the first or second week of implementation.

With this in mind, I have constantly monitored my sites and my clients as well to see if any of them came out strong or if they have been hurt by the update.


Google Officially Releases May 2020 Core Update

Google Officially Releases May 2020 Core Update_Cover PhotoIt’s the time of the year again where Google releases its core update. However, times are different now because of the ongoing pandemic and we won’t know if this core update will negatively affect us. Being on top of everything right now is important since a lot of businesses are opting to go digital because of the ongoing pandemic. These give us SEOs and digital marketers a massive opportunity to bring quality services to more people who need it. But with core updates, success in the search industry is uncertain since unexpected variables and factors are constantly added in the SEO game. 

Google announced the May 2020 Core update through their Google SearchLiaison Twitter account a few hours ago. A follow-up tweet was made an hour after the original announcement that informed everyone that the May 2020 Core Update is now live and is rolling out steadily although it could take up to two weeks before it’s fully rolled out.